Cost for a Charged Item?

Hi all good fellows,
I am not sure to define the cost for a charged item in the ermetic market. Soon there will be a local Tribunal (Rome: 1227) and I would like to sell tons of futile devices such as my personal collection of Charged Items I never use.
In HoH:MC in the section regarding Verditii if I remenber right, there is a sentence fixing the price 3 times the vis used but a Charged Item costs no vis, so I suppose a good price is the vis a magus with medium experience is able to extract from the Magic Aura in a single Season, usually around 3 pawns.
Can you give me any suggestions about?

Comparing to what an average magus could extract in a season - this was the way we traditionally valued seasons. Or valued books. But what is average? Average for a fresh magus, for a 20 year post-gauntled magus? I believe we usually ended around 3-4 pawns. So that seems fine.

I think house Verditius bases the price off of what the enchanting magus could extract in a season - which is why some speculate in being very good or very poor at CrVi.

As with anything in commerce, an item is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.

I think the price that Verditius charge is based on commissions. This is a different situation, the item is already made and will not do the owner any good if it is not sold, thus the price will be lower. Sort of the difference between someone going to a jeweler and having something built on commission and trying to sell your excess items at a garage sale.
Consider the following items

  1. A ring that casts Demons Eternal Oblivion, at voice range, doing 30 damage and at +46 penetration. Single use
  2. A wand that causes the target to gain two warping points. Sight range, and +50 penetration, with 7 uses remaining.
  3. An invisibility potion, with sun duration
  4. A love potion which makes the imbiber fall in love with Melesandra de Competre. Moon duration, single use
    Any of those items could be useful in the right circumstances, but will any of the magi at the tribunal be in those circumstances? Only the Storyguide knows. The price that someone is willing to pay depends mostly on their circumstances, not on how much vis the person making the item could have made during the same period.