Council Chambers

This thread is for IC discussion of issues before the covenant. Time is a bit loose here.

I was going to post the Charter of Arae Flaviae here for everyone's convenience, but it's too long, so I put it in a Google Doc.

Charter of Arae Flaviae

[sub]As noted above this thread is playing loose with time, so everyone should feel free to participate without worrying about side quests such as treasure hunting.[/sub]

The magi gather together in the ruined fort, talking quietly amongst themselves. As nobody seems keen to begin, Sceparnius clears his throat and speaks.

[b]"Salve, sodales! We have much to talk about. As I see it, the following decisions all need to be made before the hard work of rebuilding this place can begin.

  • We must formally charter our covenant, so that we have rules for meetings such as this going forward. It has been proposed to copy the charter of Arae Flaviae; are there any objections to that?
  • We should also determine a name for our covenant, although that can wait if it needs to be.
  • We should determine what tasks need our attention in the rebuilding process; how to hire and compensate the mundane workmen who will be needed; and what compensation is needed for magi who may be called upon to help.
  • We should determine the best way to earn income from our new lands, so that we may support ourselves in a reasonable degree of comfort here.
  • We must build a library and laboratories if we hope to succeed. How shall we accomplish this without returning to mainland Europe?
  • And we should determine a fair way of allocating the Vis gifted to us by the dragon. I believe the covenant charter will speak to this in broad terms, but there may be a desire to put some of that gift to use immediately, for an Aegis, for study, for building items, or in trade for books, for instance.
  • Finally, although there is room for all, we should formally claim a tower and see if there are any objections. I believe Dair and Osbertus have claimed the two towers facing the sea. I would happily claim the northwest tower, facing across the river to the forest, but I'm not set on that.

There are probably many other items to discuss. Does anyone have any further items?"[/b]

[sub]Also OOC: the general consensus in Discord was that we have a couple weeks to plan before the Spring season officially begins, so everyone should be able to plan for a full season's work of some sort without deducting days for our meeting with Marcell or other general setup. Is this acceptable?[/sub]