Covenant Building

Seeing as how it's been a week and a half plus and no one's objected, I'd call that "troupe consensus"

Everyone gets an additional 41 bp to spend (bringing your Covenant build points to 291 each). And don't forget your 75 personal build points, either here or in your character creation thread.

For Both characters (291 bp):

From Covenants (p. 51ff.):
40bp 5x Magical ovens
18bp The enchanted Chef ReHe45
6bp Stone-Cutting knife ReTe15
12bp 2x Enchanted Porter ReTe15
38bp 5x The Vitalizer of Provisions CrAn19
40bp 5x The death of Vermin ReAn20
12bp 2x Abluere Magica (a small and a big one) ReHe15
80bp 5x Incendior hominis (Penetration 28)


45bp silver:
450 pounds of silver (1/3 silver, 1/3 jewellery and precious stones, 1/3 horses for breeding)

I'll decide on personal stuff later

Should be 40 bp. One chest would be 8 points, 5 chests would be 5x8=40.

Are they each for the same type of vermin (e.g. rats/mice) and scattered around the covenant in certain key locations, or for different kinds in one or two places?

a) So it's a little lesas silver
b) different kinds of vermin, portable


how close are the two islands?

I was thinking of a slab of rock that was split in half with half on each of the islands with a small building around each. You stand on one and give command word and you are transported to the other (and vice versa). If the two are close enough to each other, a level 20-25 spell could do it. You can also put cargo on the slab and give different word and it will transport whatver was on it to the other.

The concern is requisites and warping which is why I was thinking two effects. It would require user to have some sort of token to trigger it

The one to move cargo would be ReTe(He,Aq,An,au requisites up to 10x10x10 area)
The second one would be ReCo(An,He requisites).

This would mean metal weapons and items would have to go first before the person went.

Then we don't need boat or dock or anything to the main covenant island with the aura of 6 and it makes it very hard for enemies to get at us. we don't need place for boats to land.

There's already a magic item that connects Eilean Chon and the shore, as well as a map that shows where the monster is (and has been) at all times.

But, if I did it right, the two islands should be 450 feet (137 meters) apart.

Also, any boat trying to get to either island is going to have to smash through the pier surrounding them.

WHich can be done but I didn't realize how small teh second island was (only a single lab? Are we going to have enough lab space or will we need to start building on land or in the water between the two with a mystic tower or two.

I posted to the thread you linked to for how to connect the two islands. (Of course if someone loses the keys (and lab document), then you you will need to dig up posts, take them to a lab for season of research to determine how to make a new key.

Aye, Eilean Chon is big enough for one lab that's +3 size and has a Magic 6 Aura. Eilean Muireach has the council chambers. Everyone else's lab are on the mainland, within the area of the Aegis most likely, unless you want it outside for some reason. (The Aegis is delineated by the dotted line on the mainland, and the pier on the water).

Is there any way we could delineate which bps are spent on stuff we feel essential, and that which won't make us butthurt if it turns out to be illusory?

Just color-code it, or put a <= next it or mark it in some way so I'll flag it on my paperwork.

Talia would've been extremely selective in her piracy against Fengheld's Chapter House in Normandy. Non magical things for the most part, or perhaps things that might be considered illicit. She would've been operating under her understanding as long as she isn't depriving a magus of his magic (lab equipment, books, vis) she was free to take pretty much anything else. So luxuries and creature comforts, silver, mundane books are all good candidates for this kind of stuff.

Then again, Talia has no compunction about bending the code, and her buyer (Duncan as Faileas) may not have given two shakes about what he acquired for Insula Canaria.

I'm working through my build point allocation for the covenant... Got about 100 left to go and it's starting to grind, so here's my diversion...

Proposed Book titles and authors
Corpus: Flesh Is Weak, Flesh Does What It Is Told by Morden
Vim:The Aether and You: Applied Practical Magic for the Magus in the Field Albert Broccoli
Intellego: Who Are You, What Do You Want, by Lorien[1]

[1] With a brief introduction from the Walkers of Sigma 957? It might be a bit too setting breaking. Of course, all of the titles and authors might be.

I'll start puting in the rest of the points for me tonight and tomorrow.

We could Conjure a Mystic Tower on the smaller island so that all the magi could have labs in the greater aura. With enough Finesse the tower could be placed with several floors below water level, to be less conspicuous.

We need to have a fairly deep discussion about Boons and Hooks, or just delegate these to the SG if we're not going to discuss them. Boons and Hooks will shape the flavor of the game more than any items we pick out for build points.

To balance out the hook I selected Earlier, how about a +1 Healthy Feature Boon.

This isn't set in stone, yet, but here's what I have for build points. I'll submit the Covenant's file to Peregrine when I've finalized my selections

"Money" 240 pounds. I'm imagining this is luxury goods and other things worth about 240 pounds of silver. Spices, fine furniture, objects of art. Things worth about 240 pounds. I can develop this more over time. It's not all cash money.

Lab Texts (59 bps):
Sailor's Foretaste of the Morrow InAu20
Charge of the Angry Winds CrAu15
The Chirurgeon's Healing Touch CrCo20
Purification of the Festering Wounds CrCo20
The Severed Limb Made Whole CrCo25
Conjure the Sturdy Vine CrHe5
Trap of the Entwining Vines CrHe15
The Bountiful Feast CrHe35
Lamp without Flame CrIg10
Taste of the Spices and Herbs MuIm5
Taste of the Dulled Tongue PeIm5
The Ear for Distant Voices InIm20
Notes of a Delightful Sound MuIm10
Disguise of the New Visage MuCo15
Disguise of the Transformed Image MuIm15
The Crystal Dart MuTe10
Supple Iron and Rigid Rope MuTe10

Vis Sources (125 bps):
Creo 10 pawns, not described.
Vim 15 pawns, which falls in the high aura area as rain during the last rain of the summer.
Vis Stocks (6 bps)
20 Pawns of Corpus Vis assigned to Ysebrand
10 Pawns of Auram

Books (Total 71 bps)
That's a Horse of a Different Color 13
Type: Summa; Total Quality: 7; Quality: 7; Level: 6; Topic:
Animal; Language: Latin; Subject: Art of Animal; Author:
Bucephalus of Bonisagus
Listen, Do You Smell Something? 10
Type: Summa; Total Quality: 5; Quality: 5; Level: 5; Topic:
Imaginem; Language: Latin; Subject: Art of Imaginem;
Author: Unknown
Thoughts Lost in Translation 10
Type: Summa; Total Quality: 5; Quality: 5; Level: 5; Topic:
Mentem; Language: Latin; Subject: Art of Mentem; Author:
Unknown-Translator Unknown
The Aqua Vitae And You 12
Type: Summa; Total Quality: 7; Quality: 7; Level: 5; Topic:
Aquam; Language: Latin; Subject: Art of Aquam; Author:
Oceana of Merinita
The Everyday Guide to Entropy 13
Type: Summa; Total Quality: 7; Quality: 7; Level: 6; Topic:
Perdo; Language: Latin; Subject: Primer on the Art of Perdo;
Author: Herman of Tremere
Control Your Emotions, Discipline Your Mind 13
Type: Summa; Total Quality: 7; Quality: 7; Level: 6; Topic:
Rego; Language: Latin; Subject: Primer on the Art of Rego;
Author: Severus Snape

Forgot the Scribe for 6 bps, in the list above. I'm posting it separately rather than editing so those who might have reviewed the post above don't overlook the scribe.

I'm getting 51 bp on the Lab Texts instead of 59. And with the money, the specialist, and the itemized stuff, I'm getting a total of 283 bp.

Also: the 20 pawns of Corpus assigned to Ysebrand: is that Covenant stores, or does he somehow have vis of his own?

I'd like Ysebrand to have vis of his own. The only way I could figure to "pay" for it was to do it out of build points. If that's not reasonable, we can do something else. 20 pawns is probably too much, 5-10 pawns might be a better amount. He's avaricious with regard to vis, but he also needs it, so I was thinking he'd have 20 pawns, and that's his minimum level he needs before he consumes vis. He'd be willing to trade some of the vis, too.

As to the #'s adding up, I'll send you the file shortly.

I can see where you're coming from, but I'd prefer that covenant build points be for stuff that actually belongs to the covenant or that the covenant can/will claim as it's own. The magi's personal bp should either belong to the magi or be brought as largesse; if Ysebrand already had an intimate relationship with a magus that would enable them to "share" the vis stocks, that would be something else, too. But you'd think there's be a way for a non-magus to have vis beside a Personal Vis Source, which it doesn't look like he could have anyway.

I'm going to go ask the forum if you haven't already, see if anyone has any ideas on how to make this happen.