Covenant-creation worksheet?

Does anyone have a "covenant creation worksheet" akin to the abilities-worksheet for character-creation? In the (unlikely) case you don't know what I'm talking about, it's here:

They seem like similar-enough processes that the method so useful for characters should be just about as useful for Covenants...

  • Steve S.

if you are not discouraged by french, here's my own worksheet that I'm using in my sagas.

Voir le Fichier : Fiche_Alliance_complete.xlsx

You'll tell me what do you think about it?


I´ve used one by JeanMichelle which i found online somewhere and then modified and extended it to cover some more stuff.

The one he mentions in this thread:
I´m not sure if it´s on the new website as well, couldn´t find it.

I made a covenant "character" sheet for my own saga. It's in spanish, though, but I could translate it back to english if you're interested. It's got the 3rd edition look to it, though, so that might be a problem with you. Everything's according to 5th edition, nonetheless.

Covenant sheet (PDF in a ZIP file, 893 Kb)

There's nothing to it that's not in the covenant record sheet included with the Covenants sourcebook, a freely available here, so it probably doesn't have any added value to it... Actually the only reason I made it was to have a spanish version.

Metacreator, if you can afford it, is supprisingly useful.

I've really tried to like Metacreator, but it's so .... clunky, by lack of a better phrase. For instance, the way it handles "Magister in Artibus" is just terrible - very unintuitive and user-unfriendly; there's other examples. I've bought the program and I'm still resorting to using a laptop [with my game book pdfs] with a pen-and-paper notepad next to it. Granted, Metacreator is very handy if you have no idea where to find stuff, or if you never need to look up details, but I tend to fall in between those extremes and enjoy mulling over the descriptions of abilities, virtues and flaws as I slowly assemble a character.

Now, I realize that the above is regarding character creation - but would anyone buy it just for covenant creation?

We use it to share a covenant file (via dropbox) - that way everyone can check up on covenant economy or vis shares if they like - or more importantly, the library.
It works quite well.

That's a great idea. You could do it via a Google spreadsheet as well, but this one saves a bit of work setting things up.

We do this too - it also means that you can use advance > study > book > own covenant (which even has nice filters for Arts/ Abilities and Summae/Tractatus) to study the books in your library and XPs will be handled automatically.
Or you can use advance > study > vis and then have metacreator automatically subtract the vis from either your character sheet or the covenant sheet. Just remember to update the covenant sheet every once in a while. :slight_smile: