Covenant creation

A lot of this is already done since Triamore is an existing covenant in ArM4 terms.
I plan on NOT using the boons and hooks system much (if you agree) since the covenant is already defined, so puring mechanics on it does not seem necessary.

However, there are some areas where we need to discuss stuff:

    1A. Rules for the mundane library
    1B. How you envision the hermetic library



    For starters, we will have A LOT less grogs. There are around 30 dedicated fighters in the official book! Way above of what is considered sensible IMO. 1 shield grog per magus and a group of 6 mercenaries is more or less the limit I see us having without having our mundane enemies attack us directly as we are on a military buildup.

A standard rule-of-thumb is that there are 3 grogs / magus (1 personal servant and two other grogs) in addition to specialists. However, Triamore has a charter so the lord of the manor may be expected to have the standard complement of people.

I recommend you all read the Triamore book. It pretty much tells you about what will be around.

Magi can certainly bring one or 2 characters in, but I do not expect you to bring a lot of people: Lucien's Folly is an already staffed locale.

The turb of triamore is too large (around 30 fighters), and so any local noble would consider the castle to be preparing to INVADE his lands. This is an attack force, not a token defence force. Most castles were actually UNMANNED in times of peace. As such a total fighting force of 1 shield grog + a small group of 5-6 other armsmen is the top we should have. And this is plenty, so some of those will be foresters and the like, not necesarily dudes that just hang around armed to the teeth.

The covenant as written has 2 magi (before you all step in), 3 noble companions, 7 specialists (steward, cellarer, housekeeper, stablemaster, librarian, illuminator and captain) and around 30 other guys (clerks, maids, cooks, farmhands, 2 foresters, some teamsters...). That is removing most of the turb already and downgrading it from 25 to 5 guys plus the captain and a tough guy that works for the steward (Froese). So, if the magi bring a helper or 2 it is more than enough. If anyone wants to bring a specific character we will make the published one disappear, but if you do not want to bother much fleshing out the grogs it is no problem either.

30 is not an invasion force. But, at least, baseline shield grogs are 2, not 1.

With the skeleton crew our unfriendly neighbor can just take us over in a night, story done.

I'll take a crack of statting it up using Covenants tomorrow.


Scratch that. I did not notice that we're not using the boons and hooks system

Oooh. In the Triamore map there's an abandoned cottage within the outskirts of the Ardennes.

Looking at the book, I quickly found the vis sources. What I didn't find is distribution? Do we all get a portion of that? Is none of it available for personal use?

Charter on page 34-35; buried in there it says each magus gets the resources they need for study, as long as it doesn't burden the covenant, but gives the covenant half of any gains of vis or other things acheived through travel or use of covenant resources. (Bottom of column one on page 35).

Having read them, I would greatly prefer we use the Triamore library rules rather than the Durenmar ones. Less random, more appropriate to it being our covenant.

I will look into these as well. Hermetic books will be nonexistant, but some books on esoteric traditions will be there. Not much though, and more centered around the interests of the Virgilians of the covenant. The library of this saga will be impressive in MUNDANE terms. For exotic books the characters will have to work :slight_smile:

@Xavi would you mind if I took a shot at using the Covenants book to replicate Triamore as a Coven as opposed to a Hermetic Covenant?

Go ahead. It can be an interesting exercise.