Covenant description

Topic for displaying all items for the covenant as agreed upon by the troupe.

The Oppidum is located near the hot springs. It consists of a manor house and large Inn/brewery plus other building for the covenant folk to live in.

Minor Boon: Aura (to bring aura up to 4)
Minor Boon: Healthy Feature (pg8) The Hot springs.
2 boons

Free Choice: Hall Manor

Minor boon: Wealthy - The Oppidum runs a very successful brewery and Inn that is known for it's good beer.
1 boon

Free Choice: Peasants (pg18)
Minor boon: Strong community (pg18)

1 boon

External Relations
Minor boon: Felicitous Tribunal (pg21)
1 boon

5 total boons

Minor Hook: Festival (pg24) The local harvest festival happens near the Oppidum grounds. Many residents come to bath in the hot spring at this time.
Minor Hook: Roman Ruins (the ruins of Roman fort) (pg25)
2 hooks
Minor Hook: Road (pg9) There are several trade routes running close and Lake Balaton is a major waterway for the region.
Minor Hook Zenodochium[1] (AtD pg 98) Because of the healing hot springs, the Oppidum has a Zenodochium near by. The magi of Hèviz may use it as long as they replace any vis or other items they may use. Zenodochium will periodically be used by other magi who are injured while passing through the region
2 hook

External Relations:
Hangout (pg 22)
1 hook

Total hooks 5

[1] Zenodochium are small hospitals set up by the Tribunal. It is a service provided by the Tribunal to magi of the Tribunal. Each zenodochium contains magical items, mundane supplies and up to two rooks of Corpus vis that can be used by magi in need. The magical items are not supposed to be moved, and the vis and other supplies must be replaced as soon as the magus is able to.

With the Harvest festival, wouldn't that be in the Fall?

It is in the fall. People come to bath in the hot spring in autumn. Not in the spring :mrgreen:

Gotcha. Looks pretty good.

I like the Zenodochium Hook, question, will the items therein be initially supplied by us out of our points for buying spells, vis stores, and magic items, or will they be initially supplied by the Tribunal and we'd replace them as needed?

Would it have all or some or none of the items and spell tablets listed? With a Verditius in the group, we might have some early tasks.

I will work them out. It is supplied and upkeep by the Tribunal. The Oppidum will have tasks to help support the running of the Tribunal. Your group can also request items from the others. The Tremere control the resources and dole them out for projects that help the Tribunal.

I find it a bit tricky as you do not have to be independent like in other Tribunals. You are also not in a feudal system like the Normandy Tribunal.

You will be taxed for support of the Mercere and Quaesitor and other projects. Just as the other Oppidum's were taxed to get Hèviz set up. It is not crippling nor onerous. Some of your vis is part of the tax as well as silver.

FYI, for those of us who like maps... ... ,10.821533

I updated the location of Coeris, and I guessed for Héviz, since I have no idea where on the lake this is/will be.

Just whant to mention that if we use the core book rules for writing my char can write lvl 12 Ql 10 Cr and Mu summa, each need 2 saisons.

The Oppidum of Hèviz Charter

I, Albertus of Tremere, Praeco of the Transylvania Tribunal, hereby grant the privilege of Oppida to be formed in the christian year of 1259.

The initial mission of this Oppidum will be to study the area centering on the Lake Balaton region and the Kel valley. The mission will include but not be limited to:

  • Exploring the Hot springs at Gyogy-To. Confirm it is indeed aligned with the magic realm.
  • Explore and catalog local fairies. Assess ability to weaponize them.
  • Explore surrounding area for more vis sources. Catalog and harvest.
  • Establish a secondary base along the Rhine and Greater Alps Tribunal’s borders for trade and logistics.
  • Patrol and guard roads and local inhabitants.

The Tribunal will finance the building of the Oppidium. These will include living quarters for servants and magi. Six labs for magi. Storage areas to support the Oppidum as well as other possible events. Support buildings for craftsman.
The Tribunal will supply the following craftsmen to aid the in the Oppidum’s functionality.

  • Autocrat to handle books and servants.
  • Glassblower to support the magi in laboratory work.
  • One company of of guards.
  • Librarian and assistant for book keeping.
  • 3 scribes
  • Blacksmith and apprentice.

The Tribunal will provide the following vis stocks to the Oppidum:
15 p Imaginum
20 p Aquam
20 p Vim
20 p Creo
20 p Terram
20 p Ignem
20 p Rego
15 p Intelligo
15 p Muto
15 p Perdo
20 p Herbam
The Oppidum may harvest from any of the vis sources that are known at this time as well as any newly discovered ones during the fulfillment of their duties.

The Tribunal will supply and initial stocking of the Oppidum’s library. Trading or copying books from the Library is prohibited without approval from the Tribunal. Books may be exchanged for others no more than once a year on request. The Tribunal will supply the following books:

  • Comperio , by Catullus ex Guernicus (Intellego summa, Level 14, Quality 11).
  • Ars Perdo , by Javolenus ex Flambeau(Perdo Summa, Level 15, Quality 10).
  • Moderatrix , by Pertinax ex Tremere(Rego Summa, Level 14, Quality 11).
    [list][*]Commentary Xenophon ex Tremere (quality 15) - An in depth commentary expanding on several theoretical facets of the text.
  • Commentary Horatius ex Tremere (quality 12) Expands the basic principles of Rego. Focused on practical issues of control.
    ]Of Stalk and Seed, by Theodoric ex Miscellanea (Herbam Summa, Level 16, Quality 12).[/:m]
    ]Omniferum, by Wasili ex Criamon (Vim Summa, Level 14, Quality 9).
  • Commentary Laterala ex Tremere (Quality 14)- A scathing commentary on the text which points out certain flaws in the original work
    ]Anima et Eius Natura, by Magunnus ex Tytalus (Mentem Summa, Level 18, Quality 12).[/:m]
    ]Fortis Magicus, by Ruso ex Miscellanea ( Vim TractatusQuality 13)[/:m]
    ]Vulcan’s Tool, by Tuticanus ex Verditius (Ignem Tractatus Quality 12)[/:m]
    ]The Movement of the Hand, by Tranquilla ex Bonisagi (Corpus Summa Level 15, Quality 14)
  • Commentary Cumhachd ex Tytalus (quality 15) A critical review of the subject pointing out shortcomings of the text and the author.

Ability books:

  • Hoplite's Armor, by Pamphilius ex Guernicus(Parma Magica Tractatus level 5 Quality 12).
    [list][]Commentary Valeran ex Guernicus (Quality 15) Well written commentary expanding on various points made by the original author.
    []All the Plants of the World, and Their Various Abilities Mystic and Mundane, by Richard Overfork ex Miscellanea (Herbalism Summa, Level 7, Quality 14).[/:m]
    []The Sharp Spear, by Lepontus of Flambeau. Summa on Penetration, Level 5, Quality 8.[/:m][/list:u]

Lab text for Aegis of the Hearth ReVi 40

Responsibilities of the members of the Oppidum:

In addition to the dictates of their individual residency contracts, the following rules apply to all members of the Order.

  • All members of the Oppidium are required to follow the directives of the Praeco and complete any tasks assigned to them for the benefit of the Tribunal. If the task takes longer than a single season, the magus and Oppidum will be compensated on successful conclusion of the task.
  • Members are required to check on the local Zenodochium for use and replenish the stocks if needed.
  • Members are required to aid any Socii that requires it.

The Oppidum will pay a tax of 8 p. vis per year to the Tribunal. This may change as the situation warrants.
The Praeco reserves the right to amend this charter at any time.

To Myrteus Laterala,

Greeting Sodalis. As requested, I have gathered the records of the known vis sources from the area. Most of our knowledge came from the previous Oppidum that was there. Here are the known sources.

As the sun sets on winter solstice, collect the steam rising from the middle of the lake. This will yield 4 pawns of Ignem vis

Every year on the Spring equinox, aquam vis forms at the bottom of Gyogy-To. The previous oppidum had a bottle they sunk into the lake and collect it. They collected 4 pawns of vis with this method.

(From Zoltan’s BP)
Milk Snakes. In the Spring near the inn, nursing mothers often complain of pains and marks on their skin, and their babes sometimes are not fed enough. Fairy snakes sneak in at night and feed from the nursing mothers until they're bloated like over full sausages and sluggishly crawl away. These snakes can be captured and wrung out like cloth, the stolen milk becoming vis laden with Corpus. 7 Pawns of faerie vis.

The bottom of the barrel. It is no exaggeration to say that the Bock brew is magical. The waters of Heviz saturate the wood, making it absorb some of the magical qualities. Once the barrels are drained the sodden wood can be deconstructed for Vim vis. 3 Pawns.

I’ve made notes of some of the sites that were believed to have connections to the magic realm but no vis had been collected.

  • About half way up the Lake Balaton, on the north shore, there is a cove that is partially flooded. It was referred to as the Lake Cave. The notes say it was possible to take a small boat in.

  • Csodabogyós-barlang or the Cave with the Miraculous Berries. In the mountains on the north side of Lake Balaton, close to Hèviz, is a large winding cave. It has a great number of berry bushes growing outside the entrance. It was believed that the berries would provide a source of Herbam vis but no record of the method has been found. The cave was somewhat explored. It is assumed that a dangerous creature lives here as Petilia ex Guernicus and all of her grogs were lost exploring it.

I shall continue my research and send you any new information I find.

Minerva ex Mercere

P.S. Panacea let me know she would like to visit and chat with you. But it will be several seasons until she is free.

Earth Come Asunder 23 bp
Type: Summa; Total Quality: 8; Quality: 8; Level: 5; Topic:
Unravelling the Fabric of Terram; Language: Greek
The Subtle Arts 11 bp
Type: Tractatus; Total Quality: 11; Quality: 11; Topic:
Finesse; Language: Greek; Subject: Discussion of finesse as
it relates to subtle modifications of effect.; Author: Praxiteles
The Graceful Arts 11 bp
Type: Tractatus; Total Quality: 11; Quality: 11; Topic:
Finesse; Language: Greek; Subject: A discussion of finely
cast spells and how to fine tune results for outstanding
effects.; Author: Praxiteles Jerbitonis
Precision: A Master Thesis 10 bp
Type: Tractatus; Total Quality: 10; Quality: 10; Topic:
Finesse; Language: Greek; Author: Praxiteles Jerbitonis
Total 55 bp
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