Covenant design discussion

There are some build points that remain unspent from the previous players who aren't in the game any longer.

Hitsumei and Victor Sim you have another 70 bps of items that are already at the covenant, but appeal to your characters.

The 75 bps of things you bring with you are yours to share you wish, except books might be bound under Cow and Calf.

I would like a Cave Painting Gallery (see Ancient Magic pg 60) in the regio somewhere (can be in a 6+ aura if necessary) that I will setup a future lab. It gives a +3 Creo Corpus bonus. Can that be done for less than 70 bps?

No, but thanks for the story idea.

I would prefer swapping out these tractatus

I haven't finished the Library, yet, but I did mention in the council thread that there was a summa on Aegis Mastery. I also think that these should have a mastery skill attached to them. I can see penetration for breaching, but I'm not sure what would apply for Maintaining.

And for your books, you may feel free to name the authors. They may or may not be alive. I may adjust the books, with different titles that are more reflective or make better sense. For example, the other tractatus you're planning to bring with you I might change the titles slightly to give a better sense of history. Since the political structure of the Tribunal is feudal in nature changes happen very slowly, so you wouldn't see a lot of change in alliances from 1207 to 1214.

Indeed, I believe there was 20 bps of "unspecified specialists", among other things perhaps.

I hereby submit to the Troupe 70bps of covenant resources :

--- (30 bps) Vis Source : The mist of forgotten dreams - Mentem 6 pawns
Location : Near the ruins of Bibracte. When unwary travelers, poachers, pig handlers, or anyone is setting camp for the night during the last week of Autumn, they will slumber into a deep sleep when comes a night mist. At down, the mist retreats, taking with it the forgotten dreams of the campers. It then coalesces in dimly shimmering dew on a mossy standing stone, with celtic engraving the meaning of which has been forgotten by all (yes, even Fieltarn ). The moss, imbued with dewdrops can be harvested for 6 Mentem pawns.

--- (6bps) Specialist : StableMaster /Animal Handling(Horses) 6

--- (4 bps) Four Riding Horses of quality (not oustandish, but worthy mounts for a lord/lady/dignified magus).

--- (6 bps) Specialist : Beekeeper / Beekeeping 3, Honey&Hydromel craft 3

--- (4bps) Specialist : Candlemaker 4 (reducing costs of our candle and wax tablets consumption)

--- (20 bps) Summa, "On the Songs of Streams and Murmurs of Dormant Lakes", Aquam level 10, Quality 10.

Submission for approval, Fieltarn's 75 personal bps :

Vis stash (90% of theses are carefully hidden in the wilderness), accumulated over 30 years as a peregrinatores still entertaining the almost fading hope of joining a covenant.
--- 2 bps in Vis Stock (intended as Gifts to other resident magi) : 2 pawns on 5 different Arts.
--- 11 bps in vis stock (55) : 10 Mentem, 10 Animal, 15 Rego, 10 Pawns of Vim, 5 Imaginem, 5 Pawn Muto)

--- Lab texts : 46 bps. (the covenant's library seemed worryingly modest)
(6) Commanding the Harnessed Beast ReAn30
(4) Phantasmal Animal CrIm20
(5) Summoning the Distant Image InIm25
(5) Eye of the Eagle InIm25
(5) Transformation of the Ravenous Beast to the Torpid Toad MuAn25
(4) True Rest of the Injured Brute CrAn20
(5) Mastering the Unruly Beast ReAn25
(6) Bestial Senses InAn30 (cf Net Wizard's Grimoire)
(6) Cloak of Black Feathers MuCo(An) 30

(16) Ogmios' Saddle : the Saddle of Fieltarn's pater who was, like him a great traveller.
Invested Item (vis/enchantment places : leather2x4large : 8, 4 used)
Effect (lvl 40) : The Wizard's Mount (CrAn35 Touch, Sun, Ind), 3x/day(+2). +3 restricted to magi.
(cost = effect level / 5 *2)

I'm going to keep Victor Sim's selections for the library, I like them, and they will be useful to everyone (the 70 that needed to be spent by the covenant's founders, not the 75 he's bringing with him). And splitting the 70 into 35 for the two new players makes it more challenging or less useful.

With Fieltarn's most recent adjustments, the Saddle doesn't make as much sense now. scrach head I'll come up with something else methinks.

It doesn't make sense for Fieltarn, true. However his Pater may not have been Inoffensive to Animals, but Fieltarn is. Additonally, there might be other Magi who could make use of such an item. It has trading power, even if it isn't as useful to your character.

Indeed. Besides, even if I don't trade it, or in the meantimes (depends what's in store at Tribunal I guess), it may help my fellow covenant's buddies. Besides, it's kinda fun to picture Fieltarn/any Magus walking into a covenant with a bulky saddle over his shoulder.

I will leave it up to the others. If there is no interest in makeing books then I'll leave it. It seems that we could have room to grow a bit before we start making books.

You'd be able to make one book per year without impacting covenant finances.
This includes copies of existing works.

I think that with such fine parchment, we would be stupid not to seize the occasion to make books. I don't know why it didn't even occur to me before. If Fieltarn's proficiency with the Animal Art would help in any way, I'd say : lead the way, I'll contribute!

Still, there are some... current hurdles to consider. But to avoid derailing your thread, for now I'll just say here that there's some worrying aspects of our sheep business that we may have to discuss sometime soon, though. More unpalatable and concerning news than Brione's beating, to me at least.

Edited Fiona's Personal Build Points (after consultation with JL): modified the Level and Quality of her Herbalism summa, and added a magnitude to her lab texts for Gift of the New Body and Create a Statue for the Garden (adding a magnitude for increased size).

I've merged the posts over here. I'm not against this, but I do need someone to step up and do the actual accounting for the covenant. Getting into book manufacture will change the economics of the covenant a bit. Significant production will cause a decrease in parchment production, which will affect income for the covenant. If you sell a book, and it is a book on Arts, it would likely be purchased with vis.

I can do that. I did the covenant accounting in the last tabletop Ars saga that I was in. I've got, I think, a fairly accurate MetaCreator file for the covenant,and I've got OpenOffice spreadsheet to help me keep track of things.

With the current levels of Magi, I do not see us making more than one or two a year. If we do not need vis or do not need to do this now I think we can wait. Do we have a grog/custos that that is a speicalized cusor or runner for the Seisins?

No, no cusor has been designed. All the vis sources are extremely close, though. Several are on the castle side of the regio, or on top of Mont Beuvray.
One other factor of the vis sources is that they are not all declared with the Tribunal. The only seisin is the Midsummer fair which has a harvest of 10 pawns of Mentem vis. All the sources are registered with House Mercere, though.

Trying to compile a list of the specialists here, which is somewhat obfuscated for me. Is this list accurate?

If you culled it from this thread, it's more likely to be accurate than from the Covenant Description thread (I seem to recall having to change one or two things after JL posted our contributions there, which got edited here but not there).

But, yeah, looks good to me. poings off to update my Covenant MC file