Covenant design discussion

Is no one thinking of their lab in this?
Just sayin'
By which I mean increasing size and/or adding virtues.

I was thinking about that, but it's also fun to develop a 0 lab into your masterpiece.

Gotta confess i did not think about that yet. Should those go into our pesonal 75 bps? I guess so.

These would be part of the 250. Can't bring a lab with you per se.

Ok, here goes my 250 bps:

6: Glassblower (Specialist) with Craft:Glassblowing 6, allowing for the free lab virtue "superior equipment" without additional upkeep
6: Toolsmith (Specialst) with Craft: Forge tools 6, allowing for the free lab virtue "superior tools" without additional upkeep
13: Teacher (special Specialist) with Com +2, Teaching 6 and Artes Liberales, Latin, French and Philosophiae 5
100: All 5 PC labs will be Size +1 (if anyone wants anything bigger then that, spend more points to make yours even bigger), with the free virtues "superior equipment", "superior tools" and "superior construction" (if you dont want to buy a minor virtue for your lab now, it will also get "spacious" for free)
20: Silviatos' designated lab will have, in addition to the above mentioned free virtues, these virtues and flaws: "dedicated building" (free virtue), "idyllic surroundings" (free virtue, specialization Cr because of all the plants growing there), "opulent" (minor virtue), "superior heating" (minor virtue) and "undecorated" (minor flaw). That means a total upkeep of +2 which i think should be ok.
50: 1st Monday of May Festival - as proposed by the GM, vis source producing 1 rook of Mentem vis per year
35: "Unifying principles of our magic" by Arturo ex Bonisagus, Summa on magic theory, Level 6, Quality 17
20: Reserve of points for any specialists we might need during our game

Personal 75 build points for Silviatos:

6: Lesser enchantment, light woolen cloak enchanted with "Doubled of impenetrable silk" (MuAn10), 2 uses per day (+1), elemental trigger (+3)
4: Personal supply of vis, 20 pawns, 10 Cr, 5 Co, 5 Vi
more to come later on

Since our covenant creation deadline is, I believe, tomorrow, I thought I'd just note quickly that I've updated my covenant stuff in my previous post - it's on p 3 of this thread, if you're interested. Or you could just click through to this: [url]]. Any comments / changes welcome, naturally.

When these all get posted here, I'll move the individual posts to a stickied thread on their own so they're easier to find.

I'll also have some additional items to add that I've left undisclosed prior to having all the characters submit their bps.

Well you sure took care of yourself with that lab! :wink:

J/k, even the ST asked if we were spending points on labs and such.

We need to look at the lab texts and other books I think, are we set up pretty well for those? And before we agree, we should ultimately tally up the vis and books, and one of the main vis issues is if we have enough to cast the Aegis each year.

I was honestly suprised I had to mention it...

I'm still working on the 75/250, and had hoped to have it posted this afternoon. Unfortunately, Dad's catheter fell out this morning, so we have an appointment with his urologist's office this afternoon to either have the part that's still in there removed, or (much more likely) have a new catheter put in.

I'll get the stuff posted as soon as I can, but it might not be until tomorrow morning.

Hey, you've got good reasons, I appreciate the heads-up. RL always takes precedence over fun and games.

Couple of quick questions:

Am I missing something painfully obvious, or do Charged Items not cost build points? I've reread the section on making them a couple of times, and I'm thinking that if they do (which I doubt), that they would cost your two points per (Lab Total/5).

If you're making a text using Resonances (p. 87), do the build points for the book come before or after figuring the +1 Quality for said resonances? (I'm thinking probably after). I've got an idea for a really wicked Corpus tract, the pages of which are human skin, the ink human blood, and the cover boards Rego'd human bone. (Overkill, maybe?)

Honestly, I've been feeling pretty guilty about that,. I designed the lab beforehand, thinking that it was going to be 40 of my personal build points - which seems much more fair. But then Jonathan said that it should come out the 250, because you can't very well bring your lab with you. Which makes sense.

I wonder - maybe I can shuffle things around, and then just give 40 bp worth of stuff out of my personal 75 to the covenant as a whole? That seems much fairer. And also, Iosephus is totally uninterested in worldly goods, so he would totally give a lot of his stuff away if asked. Not apt otherwise.

So maybe I'll re-jig to plan for that.

I don't see it as a big deal. Others are free to do the same. More spent on labs means less spent on something else. It may create some friction between the characters (I don't see this as a player problem, because everyone has the same level of opportunity to do the same). So now that the lab is created in bps, your character should write a letter on one of those nice sheets of parchment describing his dream lab to someone... :slight_smile:

Believe me, I was just kidding when I said that. I passed on the chance mainly because I like the slow process of upgrading a 0 point lab.

Fiona's 75 build points

[b][u]Library (Books)[/u][/b]

35 All the Plants of the World, and Their Various Abilities Mystic and Mundane by Richard Overfork ex Miscellanea (Ability Summa on Herbalism). Level 7, Quality 14.
10 Pictorial Works (p. 91) on Herbalism.

[b][u]Library (Lab Texts)[/u][/b]

4 Seat of Nature (MuHe 20)
3 Gift of the New Body (MuCo 15)
4 A Spell to Kill Weeds (PeHe 20)
9 Create a Statue for the Garden (Muto Corpus 45)
Range: Touch; Duration: Sun; Target: Individual; Requisite: Terram.
This spell allows the caster to transform the target into an unmoving, unbreathing stone statue that is practically immune to the elements for the duration of the spell.
Base level 25 (Turn a body into a solid inanimate object), +1 Range, +2 Duration, no modifier for the Requisite (included in the guideline difficulty), +1 for increased size.

[b][u]Magic Items[/u][/b]

0 Draught of Frigid Temperance: Upon drinking the potion, the user becomes immune to the effects of below-freezing temperatures (particularly being immersed in ice water for long periods of time) for Sun duration. R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual. Base 2 (change someone to give them a minor ability), +2 for Duration. Effect Level: 4. Lab Total: Int 1 + Magic Theory (Potion-making) 7 + Muto 16 + Corpus 14 + Corpus (for Minor Magical Focus doubling) + Aura 3 (assumed) = 55. (55-4) ÷ 5 = 10.2. Number of potions (each for one charge) = 11 doses.
0 Essence of Gillweed: Upon drinking the potion, the user gains the ability to breathe water as if it were air for the duration of the effect. R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual. Base 2 (change someone to give them a minor ability), +2 for Duration. Effect Level: 4. Lab Total: Int 1 + Magic Theory (Potion-making) 7 + Muto 16 + Corpus 14 + Corpus (for Minor Magical Focus doubling) + Aura 3 (assumed) = 55. (55-4) ÷ 5 = 10.2. Number of potions (each for one charge) = 11 doses.
10 Armor That Fits: The item changes its size anywhere from Size +2 to Size -2 to fit the current size of the wearer. The armor is made of leather, with iron fittings (buckles etc). The base level is 5 (Change something made of animal products in a major unnatural way). R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual. There is a +1 Magnitude for the Terram requisite (the iron fittings). Frequency is twice/day. There is an Environmental Trigger, when the wearer has Preternatural Growth and Shrinking cast upon them. Final Effect Level is 24.

How many build points do the Draught and Essence cost?

I think someone asked about charged items right, and how it's tough to assign a cost? Maybe it should be a lab text instead?

Yeah, that was me. I'm assuming that they don't cost Build Points, since charged items don't really have an Effect Level like invested/enchanted items do, but it's kind of a judgment call. If they get vetoed, I can easily take them out. I just figured they were something she had made for her old covenant to help with vis gathering, and since she was leaving (and was ever so slightly annoyed with the elder magi there) she would just...bring them with her, since she made them and everything.

It should have a cost, it took at least a season to make. Bringing a lab text of the formula might be a better way of doing it.

Ok, so I missed the original question about charged items. Mea culpa. So, I'm looking at the items. You're on a hilltop in the mundane world and a mountain in the regio. These items may not get all that much use. So, given that, If players want their characters to bring charged items, up to 22 total charges of fairly innocuous design, that's fine. No wands of Pilum of Fire, etc. I consider these potions to be more about flavor than anything, based on the setting. Charged items you wish to bring should be similar in nature, designed to add flavor, not for power.
Sound good?