Covenant design discussion

So, I must not have noticed the variability of these Vis sources before. These should be one type of Vis. If these are variable, I'd say that they cost more, on the order of the Dedicated Vis sorce (7.5 bps/pawn).

Some of the issues it brings up are the inability for players to plan on a certain source being availble for use, difficulty or cost in trading it, if the type is suboptimal. Although, I'm willing to let the troupe as a whole help make the determination...

I like the descriptions and methodology of these, but yeah, random and varying amounts of vis are a bit of an issue. A challenge in getting a known and dependable amount I'd say is preferred.

Having said that, of the 75 build points for Alexei, I did put in a vis source for him which varies in what type of vis, but it's a tithe from the Milites that gets delivered to him.

And again, I think we need Rego and Vim to cover our Aegis, pulling Vim vis ourselves seems inefficient.

That's a bit different. The context of the collection is completely different. AND, you have to pay for it at some point. :smiling_imp:

And distilling vim vis from the aura is farming. Speaking as Apollodorus, "Are we farmers? Most decidedly, not."

Here's a few Boons and Hooks ideas I've come up with skimming through Covenants

  • Healthy Feature (p. 8 ): the mists that permeate the covenant give the residents a +1 Bonus to their Aging Rolls, which is negated if the mists are somehow driven away or kept out of the resident's abodes. The mists do not negatively affect the furniture, rugs, papers, books, etcetera. Minor Boon
  • Vis Salary (p. 17): the carrot method for ensuring stuff gets done around the covenant. If they don't do their chores, they don't get their allowance, simple as that. Minor Hook
  • Flickering Aura (p. 10): due to the Roman heritage/history that has become a part of the site, if the covenant doesn't have a parade that winds its way through each of the Four Gates on New Year's Day (January 1) the Aura drops by one until the next New Year's Day. Minor Hook
  • Exceptional Book (p. 20): The covenant has come into possession of a book scribed by one of the "minor" Founders (perhaps an Animal summa by Birna, or an Herbam summa by Merinita) that had originally been believed to be a forgery until it was recently verified. Major Boon
  • Powerful Ally (p. 20): Alternatively, the Wivre may be...not so much a hideous man-eating monster as a powerful Magical being that fosters the belief that she's a homicidal monster in order to be left alone. While she may not be initially happy that the ruins that she has made her home are being revived, Apollodorus (or the magi) may be able to reach an accord that allows her to scare away the occasional unwelcome visitor in exchange for...something, I haven't figured it out yet. Major Boon

No worries - I've just fixed them.

In other news, one of the vis sources - shards of broken stalactites from the magical cave - now provides 5pts of Vim vis per year. Hope that helps a bit with our Aegis problem.

I'm happy with any of those boons and hooks. I, too, think it would be nice to get money issues out of the way, so Wealthy seems a good option, from my perspective.

I also really like the idea of bringing the Wivre into it, either as enemy or ally..

@Jonathan: how much income do you think is required so that we dont have to worry about money in this saga? Is 1 minor boon "secondary income" enough? Or do we need another minor boon? Or do we need a major boon?

Only after that information i think we can decide which other boons to take.

The "Covenant Description" thread is looking great! :smiley: :smiley:

One thing: might want to throw in a link to the picture we've been designing to:, if we still think that's what the inside of the regio looks like.

Depends on the game that the troupe wants to play. This is what I like about the Covenants book. I'm leaving the creation of it in your hands, once you've created it, I can place my stories around it. If you don't pick enough income sources to cover the expenditures (which are really laid out for the troupe to see now) then I expect that to mean that the troupe is interested in stories on how to get more money. If no one is interested in tracking finances or worrying about money then I suggest Wealthy major boon for the following reasons:

Apollodorus will probably not want to give up his lavish lab. Are you going to ask him to do so?
Iosephus already has an expensive lab (Upkeep +2)
Are you going to be heavy lab users (3 seasons in the lab)? More than likely, since I've all but told you to expect one story per character per year. That'll increase some costs.
Do you want to trick out your lab, will it get a higher upkeep score for other reasons than the specialists you have on hand?
Alexei will likely want a well equipped turb.

I don't plan to track finances closely. It's too close to what I do for %work%. Someone is more than welcome to manage the finances, but if I'm doing it, expect a lot of stories based on that. If the troupe doesn't want those kind of stories, a Legendary Income source is a good idea. To keep from having a huge supply of silver stockpiled over time, we'll presume that Apollodorus is keeping large annual surplusses as a stipend in perpetuity for starting the covenant. At any given time you can expect a reasonable amount of silver on hand. I won't define reasonable, because that is situationally dependant. Sound fair?

I second this. One vote for Wealthy!

We have 2 boons left (i.e. 7 boons, 9 hooks) For simplicity, I second the suggestion (made by someone, somewhere, at some point :smiley: ) that we just replace minor boon "Secondary Income" with the Major boon "Wealthy". Then we're good.

Not so fast. It's a wealthy Boon, take it you go to 10 boons, subtract the secondary income and you're down to 9.

If you want anything else, you'll need hooks for 'em.

Didn't think it would be THAT easy, did you? :laughing:

I think thats just what Jonah suggested.
I second the motion, i am not interested in stories about increasing our income or inventing cost saving schemes. If that means no further boons, thats ok too. Another aspect finished.

That's what I get for reading and answering posts on my phone. I see that now.

I'll go with Wealthy, sure.

Something that Alexei would do is promise (as a member of the MIlites) that any who declares Wizard's War against a member of the Covenant in good standing can expect a Wizard's War declaration from Alexei in return. He'd be fine with sending letters out to both Tribunals that border it. I'll add a letter to this effect to Apollodorus.

Of course players are welcome to refuse this, Alexei is also willing to provide shelter in his Sanctum for a moon, so that any that would attack a member of the Covenant must first go through him.

Of course if the aggressor in this War has a just claim that could change his response.

I suggest doing something like that in character at the first council meeting.


Now, to systematically offend every powerful wizard Iosephus can think of.... mahwhwhaha! :smiley:

Right, he definitely will be bringing this up. It's a fine Flambeau tradition.

You seem to have missed this part:

But I actually was bringing this up as Iosephus is a pacifist (perhaps an annoying one based on this statement :laughing: ), and Alexei would not want or allow his Covenmates to be unjustly attacked or provoked.

Haha yup - I was just kidding. Iosephus would be very unlikely to offend anyone on purpose, still less to provoke someone to declare a Wizard's War.

Except while transformed into flame, you passed through a covenant unawares and burned the whole durned thing to the ground...