Covenant Design Thread

Post lists of Boons and Hooks you'd really like to be involved in stories about. I'll pick and choose from among them and add in my own surprises, but I need to know what kind of stuff you guys want. I don't want to have to sort through the entire book as far as your lists are concerned; just pick the stuff you really, really want. Like, probably no more than, say, 6 points each worth of Boons and Hooks from each of you related to the stuff you just want a whole heck of a lot, and I'll try to fit in at least one or two things from each of you. Don't worry, you don't have to ask for multiple instances of something; for example, you can ask for the covenant to have a higher Aura in a small part of the covenant or want the covenant to have multiple Exceptional Books and still ask for other Boons that catch your interest too. One (or two?) of us doesn't have the Covenants book, but there are some Boons and Hooks in the Core rulebook to choose from. No Unknowns; I'll be throwing the stuff you don't know about at you.

As for build point allocation, I'll draft up three or four possible allocations, based mostly on where exactly you're settling and which potential gift-bearers you kiss up to, I mean uh, trade favors and bargain with, and you guys can vote on which point allocation you want. I'll probably have the point allocations done tomorrow, so you can look forward to that.

Definitely want strong aura x2 (level 5 aura)
an interesting option would be to bring that to strong aura x4 (level 7 aura) with faerie landlord (Thor) and warps to a pattern (Asguardian stronghold), possibly with an uncontrolled portal...

Here is a list of boons and hooks that could lead to interesting stories.

Boons and hooks :

-Faerie Court
-Contested ressources
-Local ally
-Fallen Temple
-Regional Produce