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I am probably looking at a medium power covenant with about 1200 points, although I may change that depending on what it starts to look like. Mages will have a year at the covenant before any stories other than the introduction to set up a laboratory and do some basic lab work,
The covenant library will contain many old Roman texts besides the usual hermetic books

Do we need to decide Tribunal and location first? If it is out in the boonies then i will not make a Assessor but switch to another job ( perhaps Signaler) for my Tremere.

I'll post this here, although it could conceivably go in the Character Design or the Tribunal selection threads, too. It touches on all three.

I came to Ars from 3rd edition, many years ago. Just over a year ago I joined the forum and started playing in PbP games. I also attempted to start a face to face game, but that fell through for many reasons (two of the participants being new fathers can throw a prospective gaming group into chaos).

I'd like to have a better handle on the Tribunal we're in, and if that means I need to pick one to cement a majority decision, I'll pick it, so we can move onto the covenant development. If you're giving the players license to spend build points to develop a covenant, I'd like to get into that process, too. Having those questions answered will help me hone my own character development.

I guess all this is my long-winded method of saying, like jebrick, I'm having trouble nailing down a concept that will fit, because, well, I have no place to fit it. I have no idea if what I'm going to play is interesting, because I have no idea where he will play. Are we in the Theban Tribunal? Are we in an urban area? How does the covenant fund itself, and is that part of the story process you want to get involved in? Once some of these questions are answered, I can answer my own questions, of how does this character fit in at the covenant? Or I could just can it all make a Tytalus, and his job is to tweak everyone off. :smiley: That's an easy character to make, because by definition, he doesn't fit in. He also becomes a rather un-fun character to play over the long term, because players begin associating my character's actions with mine and I might be labeled an a$$.

I wanted to see which area players preferred, my aim was to make a decision this week. The poll runs out on wednesday and I was expecting to post a decision on Saturday.
As to the details of the covenant unless someone else wants to tell stories about covenant finances , local mundane relations etc I don't intend to , I expect to have enougth problems trying to cover the main story without getting distracted. The prime purpose of this covenant will be investigating what they can of the legacy of magic of the Roman Empire so a character will have to have at least some interest in old traditions, ruins or lost power or be a bit left out.
I am slightly slow to get things done at the moment as I was not terribly well over the weekend and am finishing booking my holiday however I should be able to get the basics of the covenant done at this weekend

That's totally cool. I went ahead and voted, cementing The Theban Tribunal.
The ruins aren't wholly Roman, and that can be interesting, too.
And it can be an interesting question as to how much the Romans adopted from the Greeks, the pantheon of the Roman gods is intermingled with aspects of Greek gods, some changing names only and keeping the main aspects, and they even kept the name Apollo for that god.

Jonathan Thanks. Now that the votes favor Thebes, I think we are moving forward.

I agree, the mix of Roman over Greek offers some interesting opportunities. While some may be interested in rediscovering the legacy of Rome, others may be interested in digging deeper possibly undermining Rome's legacy for a more ancient tradition. I like the idea of an Urban (trading city) in which to begin and use the covenant as a base to explore the leads the PCs uncover. There are too many sites available for every great site to have a covenant. Of course, we may step on some toes (magical, faerie, and hermetic) during the PCs' diggings. What fun.

If everyone seems to looking at traditionally Roman Houses, I am sorting through either a Mystery Cult House or Ex Misc. Might as well mix things up. Unless you want another Tremere or Flambeau, which were my first two choices before they were gobbled up.

Quick reply, I will not be able to post anything much before Saturday but will put some stuff up about covenant on Saturday. Have games to run and avengers to watch for the next 3 days

@Harrison feel free to play a Flambeau. Whatever Flambeau I come up with will be unusual.And then he might not even be a flambeau...

It sounds like we will be traveling to different Tribunals to research Roman sites so the base matters less. It makes my Assessor a bit more tricky.

A lot of ruins are in, or more specifically under, urban areas... Having someone navigate the urban environment is highly desirable. If the covenant is within or near a city it is possible that we all have some urban oriented skills, but someone who specializes in mundane interaction and, I'm assuming, the Gentle Gift is not a bad person to have around.

I see the same thing. i was more thinking of the languages that the Assessor would have to know to be useful. i'm debating going with the Virtue- Gift of Tongues or investing Thoughts within Babble into a talisman.

You will have some ability to draw upon the resources of House Tremere so the provision of a couple of amulets enchanted with thoughts Within Babble is certainly possible

Covenant Location
Northern Shore of Lake Ohrid, not far from the Via Egnatia. Near the current village of Rhadoznda, the covenant will be based around and old Roman Villa , the overlooking the lake on one of the low hills. The land has been granted to a mercenary from Flanders , who commands troops in the service of the Principate of Nicos . He and his family have historical ties to House Tremere and have been happy to except the covenant on their lands. The covenant pays a rent for the land to the family drawn from income gained by fishing and a Vineyard on the shores of the lake. The fishing vessels sell their catch directly to the larger settlements on the lake

Boons and Hooks
Free - Manor House
Minor- Secondary Income (Winemaking and Fishing)
Minor- Veteran Fighters (Mercenaries , trained by House Tremere)
Major- Powerful Ally House Tremere
Minor Felicitous Tribunal (The Theban Tribunal is a nice place)

Major Beholden (House Tremere)

Do you want us to spend some of the build points? If so how many per player?

Lets say 120pts each, I am also taking suggestions for Hooks and Boons