Covenant development

I assume the following is based on current time going forward, not history? When was the covenant founded? Ie could we have customized our lab and did we join existing one that had labs (and existing members left) or do we need 2 seasons for lab setup in our 7 years?

do we have one building or are we a number of small buildings (so having things like well built, good or bad insulation, independant building and such for lab))

Tatiana is going to have tractii on arts for her 25 pts. Probably 3 of them (animal 9, Corpus 8 and Aquam 8 ) but I will see. These will be ones not studied during her 7 advancement years.

Odysseus will probably 'buy' a Steward and a Chamberlain and then take the rest as Vis Stores ( Hey, he's a Merchant of all kinds! ) I'll get the sheets for the two posted here shortly.

These rules are for the future. There are several independent buildings and the lab is already there so no set up. Haven't thought much on the history so I expect that Polycarpus just took over the covenant after the last magus there. Perhaps the previous magi could not keep together on good terms and thus the covenant ceased to exist. Have a few free virtues or flaws for your lab if you wish and pay with the points for additional virtues.

Hi there. Do we get to choose the vis type(s) that we have in store / that we will have as our annual income? And where would you like us to post our mini-covenant stats - here on in the character development section?

Yes, choose the vis you wish. If you have for more than one art then it is likely that you trade with someone. Post the mini covenant with your character.

Thanks. Whilst we're on Vis - how many would you deem 'a few Vis' to be in character creation with regards the 'special thing' you can get for story flaws etc.? Being Verditius I figure I'm going to be quite Vis hungry, hence the question.

Hey, I am willing to scavenge any ships that go down to help the income.

Smashing - I'm now working on this.

Can you confirm what ratio of dependants to 'working' covenant characters you'd like us to work on? The example of Semita Errabunda (Covenants P68) suggests 1 dependant per 9 other inhabitants. My campaign is far harsher (mainly due to the Mages' own decisions about how they've built up the place) and goes for 1 dependant per 2 inhabitants.

I ask because it has a huge impact on the micro-finances of the covenants-within-covenants we're creating (and right now I'm struggling to break even!)

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Dependants... Do as you see fit. Either you take care of some, or there are some but your magus does not take care of them or perhaps there are none. But if you wish for a guideline then 1 dependant per 9 other.

A few pawns of vis could be three (more than half a years income).

Dear Sodales,

It might be interesting to discern what texts you have in your libraries - as part of covenant creation.

25 build points doesn't buy any individual a library - but gets some bits and bobs that might be traded. Are any of you planning to acquire any 'key texts' e.g. on Magic Theory, Parma etc.? It could be a shame to have 3 big books on Concentration in the covenant as a whole, but nothing on Magic Theory!



Nestor is a perfect writer.
He has a Creo Tractatus Q14, and a Vim Tractatus Q14.

With his Com+5, he will be a sought-after glosser, too. Giving him a book to read can improve its quality.

Drool. I should spend my points on things other than books or tractii and see about getting them from you.

Our covenant is on the coast overlooking the sea. Do we have a cliff edge? If so. I am going to have my lab in two room cave: upper room looks out over the sea, lower room (down a stairs) actually is cave that is into the water. Gets me a great view and lets me shift dolphin in the entry swim right out to sea from lower or shift eagle and fly out the upper room. supplies will just need to be lowered down to me.

I'm delighted to read that - both in raw stats terms but also because I can see some fun interaction coming up. I have to ask - how do you afford them with only 25 bp (that's 28 points)?

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Spends 2 seasons writing them :slight_smile:

Ah - I read too quick - that said having gone back I can see the Vim one appear in the character write up, but not where the other came from. Ta anyway.