Covenant Development

I wasn't sure, so just throwing the idea out there. I poste because I Was retreading the resources and costs and saw we are very close to zero money soon.

Yes--but if we can get the two incomes sources we do have up and running, they'll more than cover our expenses.


For covenant defenses:

  • Gregorius is trying to get a Tremere architect to create fortifications around the covenant - I need to know whether this is an option, and if so what the cost to the covenant will be.
  • We've now recruited a group of horsemen from the local village for military expeditions. I'm not sure exactly how many (the Cavalry boon just says a "small" number), and how well armed/trained they are? Gregorius is going to be engaging in a process of getting them gradually more used to magic and magical creatures - starting off with minor, non-flashy, beneficial magic, and working up from there. He's also trying to work out if he's going to need to learn to ride - he's not that keen, as Tremere doctrine generally frowns on mounts and he could be doing other things with his time, but it may be necessary to work with the cavalry.
  • I think various people were considering developing spells to deal with raiding horsewomen (I seem to recall Fray wanting to do something to the ground, and Viola trying to work out how to turn their clothes into hostile faeries?).
  • Fortifications around the covenant are going to be difficult--for anything other than a simple wooden palisade, you're looking at a long construction time, or expensive magic.
  • Let me do some checking on how big the horse force should be.
  • Spells or magic items to aid in the defense we can handle under individual magus advancement.

Gregorius is going for the magic option, hence trying to get a Tremere architect (who are specialist Tremere magi trained to creating and maintaining infrastructure - see page 132 of HoH: TL). He first raised the idea with the other magi here:

From memory Fray was going to look into a few different styles of enhancement - (a) grogs with combative effects (b) helping the watchmen be alert to strange stuff and (c) general effets to help combat a large force. He's not great at any of that, but was happy to contribute over time. I've not determined which is better suited to his arts or which is more desirable to the covenant yet. In my head as a player I'm still just finishing a personal spell to help cope with the life impacts of his Lost Love flaw.

Fray is certainly welcome to help, but since he's not yet a member, I don't think that either Viola or Gregorius is going to insist that he stretch himself past what he's good at.


Might be worth the covenant considering an exception to the membershp rules? Having two magi discussing who should be the covenant leader highlights this.

I think there was some discussion of paying him?

Fray arrived in Autumn 1226, I think? So if we're advancing to Summer 1230 he should be eligible for membership before then.

That works--and I don't think we have to worry about whether or not his player will stick around. :slight_smile: That, after all, is the real reason for the three-year requirement.


Hmmm. Looking again at when Fray arrived - although his arrival story refers to him arriving in 1226, the chronology and Fray's own advancement log say Autumn 1227. Which means he'd still be one season short of eligibility in Summar 1230.

The charter can be amended by a 2/3 vote, if we need to do that.


silly question - do we advance through to include Summer 1230, or just before it?

I'd say just before it--Summer is the most likely time for a story.


Is there a strong reason to do the story summer? If not, Autumn would mean Fray was eligible for membership rather than just very nearly eligible.

I’m not too fussed about Fray’s membership, it’ll come and makes a good point of contrast at present between the magi. Also means that the covenant can honestly say to the tribunal that they are performing the goal of the covenant.

Call it Autumn--I don't see a good reason not to.


If we do decide the tribunal meets in 1228, could we use one of Halia's children as a stand-in for Halia herself?

Failing that, the cat might suffice--she's not all that powerful, but at least she's not someone's famliar.


The children are uncivilised oiks - Gregorius will think the cat is a better idea. She also has the advantage that she actually lives in the covenant, whereas the children are merely vaguely nearby.

But isn't there an implication in the patron custom that the patron should be strongly associated with the covenant site?