Covenant discussion

Thread for discussion of the covenant set up.

Regarding covenant creation, here's a start, taking into account the remarks made in the 'looking for players' post. Feel free to comment or say it won't work at all (although in that last case I dare you to offer your own 500 points build) :slight_smile:

30 points Intelligo summa (a first quality summa is around 30 build points, we can nitpick the exact quality/level later)
30 points Vim summa
30 points Magic Theory summa (assuming magic theory includes the theory of regios while Magic Lore covers their location)
30 points Art summa (Art to be determined)
30 points Art summa (Art to be determined)
40 points 4 quality 10 tractati (to be determined)
This assumes that the Tribunal gave us the means to study the regio, and went to the trouble of getting the best summa available on the three subjects

15 points 3p Creo vis source (a source deeded to our covenant)
10 points 2p Intelligo vis grant (a yearly grant taken directly from the Tribunal's stores)
10 points 2p Muto vis source (a source deeded to our covenant)
10 points 2p Perdo vis source (a source deeded to our covenant)
10 points 2p Rego vis source (a source deeded to our covenant)
10 points 2p Aquam vis source (a source deeded to our covenant)
10 points 2p Corpus vis source (a source deeded to our covenant)
10 points 2p Herbam vis source (a source deeded to our covenant)
5 points 1p Terram vis source (a source deeded to our covenant)
40 points 8p Vim vis grant (a yearly grant taken directly from the Tribunal's stores)
A good mix of the most useful/needed vis types and of the ones most likely to be abundant near our covenant. Longevity rituals can use Creo, Corpus and/or Vim, and we have a combained total of 12p per years; as long as we can stagger the rituals we should manage.

6 points one magically competent scribe (Magic Theory 5, Latin 5, Prof. Scribe 5)
6 points one book binder (Craft.6)
6 points one illuminator (Craft 6)
6 points one percamenarious (parchment maker, Craft 6)
6 points one brewer (Craft 6, and we already have an inn).
With 8 magi, Crepuscidor, the Dead Librarian, a scribe, a binder and an illuminator we're paying 12 pounds of silver a year for writing supplies, the percamenarious will save us 6 and is thematically very appropriate for a covenant deliberately looking to set itself up for the book trade. We're also looking at around 150 points of inhabitants, which means 150 pounds a year in related expenses (provisions account for half, then consumables, wages, and building maintenance). We could save some with the appropriate craftsmen, but that's not really significant, so I'd rather go for the thematic: a brewer, since we have an inn. He will save all of 4 pounds a year :wink:

5 points 25 points of vis in store
5 points 100 pounds of silver (or tradeable goods) in store

140 points: 7 labs with 20 points each
20 points is good for one Major virtue or two minor ones (remember to take Flaws to balance them), or +1 Size, or 50 levels of magic items dedicated to a specific lab. Or a player could choose to spend 'his' 20 points some other way

Total: 500 points.

Edit: cut out the bard, which nobody wanted, and traded him in for 3 extra pawns of vis per year. We are now up to 26, without counting any personal or Lab source

My Companion will take the Turb Captain postion if no one mind.

I have little problem with this as a whole and think it is well done; however, I will express again my concern over the limited vis sources. After taking out for the Aegis, what's left isn't going to go that far once divided amongst so many. Maybe drop 2 tractatus and put that towards another 4 pawns of Technique vis? 1p each of Rego and Muto and 2p of Creo sounds a good split to me.

I'll also repeat my concern over the 15pt retired bard. He seems overpriced for his utility to the covenant. If nobody ends up with a companion that can act as native guide and mundane liaison, he seems a lot more worthwhile, but that's still TBD.

Those are quibbles though. If everybody else is happy with this, I'd be A-OK to go with it as-is.

Oops, I meant to take that bard out :slight_smile:

Anyway, I'd like to hear more feedback, I can certainly add vis and take out other things (the bard !), I would just like to know if that is a consensus (because other peoples wanted more texts, and some wanted points for their laboratories, and... well, at some point we bump against the bp limit).

9 books for 8 mage sound like a good start.
But 23 vis split to 8 mages means each mage have on average 2 vis per year and 7 vis reserved for Aegis, special things and saving, that sounds a bit problematic to me.
(If I rember right we are 7 player mages and 1 NPC Mage)
Given that some mage hit soon the point where they need 6 vis + for theyr longvity ritual.
If we have the hidden resources boon great go for it but if not we should think about what we can drop in favor of more vis.

Scarcity drives stories. Plus if you want more vis take personal vis source. :slight_smile: Anyway, I'll donate the points in my laboratory for corpus vis.

Wait didn't see the 20 points in non Standart Labs per player that means if someone needs vis he just take the standard Lab and get 4 extra Vis per year for this.
Then we are absolut fine.

Edit: I think I go with 2 Fearie Vis for this, a minor virtue in the lab and probably Undecorated or Focus as flaw.

For the 2 Summa I think they should be techniques maybe Creo for the people who need the Longvity ritual even if my char would love a Rego summa.

Creo is always good. Rego is fine with me as well, although Intellego might also be a good choice.

We already have a 30 points Intelligo summa if we go acording to Halancars posting so no need to get a second.

Der! That we do!

Serves me right for trying to post when I'm supposed to be listening to a conference call. :blush:

Edited the covenant, I've cut out the bard and put in some extra vis. This still assumes Ryu is going to make a magus, otherwise there's 20 points (currently pencilled for his lab) that will need reassigning.

I've kinda been sitting on my 20 lab points without doing anything with them, which I feel kinda bad about since I'm the one who came up with that idea in the first place! I'm going to toss them back into the pot for general covenant usage.

I think we where anyway short by 1 lab with 20 points or did Fergus MacVey of House Jerbiton not get one?

Each player (or magus NPC) getting a lab is free. The extra 20 points are for improvements to the lab, like starting with a couple of minor virtues. But if you don't want to, we could use them for more books or vis (or magic items for the whole covenant) instead.

I know but my impression is that Fergus MacVey as the magus of Zaubersberg should also get the 20 points if each player mage get them.