Covenant floorplans?

I'm trying to find a good set of floorplans for the covenant in our campaign. I'm not very good at drawing maps, so I'm trying the internet, but with little luck.
The covenant is located in a crumbling tower keep. It's not very big, more like a enlarged watchtower than a castle. Anyone got any idea where I can find good floorplans for this or other medieval fortifications?



I can recommend floor plans for a monastery - they are a true historical source and not some kind of fantasy nonsense.

Google (pictures) for "monastery St. Gall". You get to see the monastery of St. Gallen, Switzerland, including real historical floorplans and 3-D drawings. St. Gallen played a major role in the Lake Constance region in the early Middle Ages.

For a castle (15th century), you can use Graefenstein (explained in Engl., Germ, French). ... otafel.jpg

I also recommend Georges Duby (French historian, translated into German and English); my favorite book in German is "Die Ritter", which explores the historical facts of a knight in Normandy.

Remember that labs are quite large, so you might have to change a few things

try your favorite search-engine with "papermodel".
You'll find loads of historical buildings to print, cut out and glue together.

Or try to find a copy of a program called dunjinni which makes very detailed floorplans with preset art including furnishings if so desired. That and campaign cartographer are indispensable for the avid SG game aid nut.

This is a website ( ) of a guy who drew great, detailed castle plans. A bit too fantasyish, maybe, but if they were being built by magic...

Hum. And large parts of it seem to be gone now. I was expecting that sooner or later, when they put up the notice that he'd died (R.I.P., Grobius) and I've saved a lot of his castles. If you want something like that, I can send you a zip... Why, yes, I am a castle-freak, can you tell? :wink:

or get really twisted and stylize the interior on the labyrinthine stairs of Escher. Hehe, a place warped by magic and intricately baffling to the uninitiated. Gives me ideas for my own sanctum actually. thanks.