Covenant of excommunicants

I've had another interesting idea for a game, but one I'd like to play in instead of run, if others might be interested in either a true troupe approach or if someone else would like to be SG-
the idea is within the Roman tribunal a mobile covenant which moves from city to city- specifically cities which have been placed under papal interdict to pressure them into making whatever decision the pope wants them to make, and looking for vis and opportunities as the divine aura weakens.

Anyone else interested?

I would be interested in joining the game. Roman tribunal offers some interesting opportunities and so does the papal state and their decisions. Though I can’t be sole SG a troupe style does sound fun and manageable.
Were you imagine the magi as pious do-gooders? Or something with more complex motives?

Much more complex- I'm thinking we would have a Jerbiton to help settle in areas where the dominion is just starting to fade by dealing with people and finding Lacunae, likely a Tytalus with agents inside the vatican to delay liftings of interdicts where we were working and give us a heads up where interdicts were likely to be laid, probably a flambeau or demon hunter to help deal with those complications when they arose and possibly a Merinita since faeries are also likely to enter into a fading aura (convincing them to take the roles of saints or angels might also help to reduce the motivation of locals towards putting effort into getting the interdict lifted)
Essentially however they would be magical scavengers.

I was actually thinking of something similar to that Merinita concept. But for the others I am sure other houses could work as well or some of them be combined as well. I really like the idea and would like to be part of it!

Now if we can get a couple more people interested...

Is there a source of which places where placed under interdiction, when, why, and for how long? My quick google search yielded nothing that i can find.

I have found a few places at various dates in the past, usually for a year or two until they saw things the pope's way, but I am figuring we will probably want to get ahistorical rather than try and research every last little interdiction that might have barely been recorded for posterity.

Pope Honorius III is the current Pope in 1220, I know he placed lands in western provence under interdict due to Cathar sympathies, and there were some Cathars historically present in Tuscany as well, There is a reported The Grimoire of Pope Honorius - Wikipedia which could suggest infernal influences as well, were it true (unlikely real world, game world is up to the troupe) Pisa was placed under interdict repeatedly, and the whole of Tuscany had been earlier in the century. Innocent III was a bit interdict happy and seems to have placed most of Europe under interdict at some point or another, though he hasn't been Pope since 1216- certainly recently enough to be related to teh covenant's back story.
I have found elsewhere where archbishops also placed areas under interdict, so the possibility of undocumented interdicts climbs significantly if you have feuding archbishops...

Could try the discord as well?

Is this still open for players?

This hasn't even been started at this point- you are the 4th person to show interest. If someone else would like to email the request we can go ahead and start setting a game up in the forums...

Sorry, don't mean to be dumb, but is there anything I should be doing right now?

I don’t either know how to go about such a procedure… I could probably figure it out if pointed the right way though.

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at this point you seem to be the only one who can post whaler, probably should start with a new thread. I didn't realize we had decided to sign on as the Pope's enforcers, I thought we were trying to discourage reconciliation to keep the divine auras weaker.

Yea that's my misstake. I read the "pressure them into making whatever decision the pope wants them to make" line weirdly. Doesnt really matter I suppose.