Covenant of Storms Watch

The covenant of Storms Watch is located on a moderate sized island off the coast of western Scotland, out to sea from the Island of Mull. The island is generally pitched on a slight incline from south east to north west, and the covenant grounds are build on a north western aspect.

The site once held a much older and lost covenant, founded sometime before 730 AD and disbanded around 1000 AD. It is rumored that the covenant was destroyed by a large explosion, and the inhabitants present lost. The site was shut down by the Order shortly after.

Physical Aspects
* The covenant is located so remotely that mundane and random visitors are extremely rare. Mundanes would probably need a purpose to find the covenant, although the same might not be true for supernatural creatures; perhaps the aura is enough to draw the strange and mysterious.

  • General grounds and conditions are rough and decades overdue for replacement. Buildings lack proper seals, are weather damaged, or must be totally replaced to be serviceable.

  • A run down but serviceable stone tower serves as the main building. The tower has eight floors, a small platform on the roof, and two small basement levels below the ground. Some rooms have only been recently patched or repaired, and many years of work are required to fully repair the structure.

  • A second tower of similar size also once stood at the covenant, but has been reduced to rubble.

  • A small courtyard is at the base of the tower, which contains wooden

  • Around the tower and courtyard is a broken

Economy and Living Quality
* As covenant is in disrepair, the coven-folk are aware that it will be years before prosperity is achieved. Their wages are slim, although pass surviving needs (worse than standard, but not in poverty). In thin times the behavior of the magi will be very important in keeping peaceful life. Alcohol will only server so much to quiet dissent.

  • Living conditions for the masters is dull but serviceable (living condition / aging modifiers at +0), and below average for the other inhabitants (companions and grogs aging -1). This is due to many inhabitants still living in broken structures or tents, and only basic food available.

  • The covenant has no form of income as yet. A disused quarry is within a few miles of the grounds which may serve if developed properly.

  • Income is the most pressing need of the covenant, and income cannot be obtained permanently without either expending magic or setting up trade. Three forms of income would be sufficient to remove the stigma of poverty, and shore up the dwellings.

Hermetic Aspects
* The covenant has a general aura of +5 for magic, and no known regio, or transitive auras. This high aura is luckily retained from the previous covenant, and will not impact the inhabitants negatively.

  • The covenant’s library is based upon the donations from the magi’s parens, and is sparing and limited at the moment, although does contains a moderate amount of spell books.

  • The covenant is however incredibly well stocked for Vis, having been favored very generously by the Order.


    * Art: Muto – level 5, quality 7.
  • Art: Rego – level 8, quality 11

  • Art: Animal – level 13, quality 13

  • Art: Auram – level 8, quality 12

  • Art: Ignem – level 9, quality 7

  • Art: Imagonem – level 6, quality 14

  • Ability: Medicine – level 4, quality 7

  • Art: Aquam – quality 6

  • Art: Corpus – quality 8

  • Art: Imagonem – quality 6

  • Art: Terram – quality 9

  • Ability: Theology – level 3, quality 7


    * Chirurgeon’s Healing Touch, CrCo 20
  • Comfort of the Drenched Traveler, PeAq 5

  • Crystal Dart, MuTe(Re) 10

  • Ear for the Distant Voice, InIm20

  • Gather the Essence of the Beast, ReVi

  • Gift of Vigor, ReCo 20

  • Lungs of the Fish, MuAq (Au) 20

  • Shriek of Impending Shafts, InHe 15

  • Tales of the Ashes, InIg 5

  • Words of Unbroken Silence, CrMe10

Lab Text
* Lab Text for invention of: Sense the Nature of Vis, InVi5.

  • Lab Text for invention of: Discern of Illusions, InIm15.

  • Lab text for Mastery of: Pillum of Fire, CrIg20.

  • Lab Text for creation of: a lesser Device – a small marble tablet, which casts Bind Wound (final invested level 15) when touched to a wound, CrCo10, with 24 uses per day (+5).

  • Lab Text for binding a Familiar: A damaged lab text which details how an unknown Magus bound a cat as his magical companion. Although the lab text is damaged due to a broken binding, it is incredibly detailed; perhaps more so than would normally be useful as a lab text. It also appears that the text has been magically marred so that the nane of the areas, magi, or any other ways participants could be identified. Suitable as a reference, perhaps grants a small bonus.

Vis Sources

  • (Creo) 5 – tbd

  • (Rego) 5 – tbd

  • (Vim) 5 – tbd