Covenant resources

We will use this thread to track covenant resources, beginning with the expenditure of build points.

pulled from the players wanted thread:
Muto Summa L15/Q12 (27)
Intellego Summa L15/Q12 (12)
Canon of Medicine (Arabic Medicine Summa) (27) presumably a L6/Q21?
Concietta insight source Q6 (1)
MT insight source, Aristolean philosophy Q6 (1) - this does not use insight
9 magnitudes of lab texts (9)
6 magnitudes Enchanted items (6)
Strings of the Atlantinc Puppeteer magic item L20 (4)
Skill 6 Tailor (6) I don’t think we spend points for them when using a Grog slot agreed- these are characters not build point item
Skill 6 Scribe (6) same issue, let’s play them and save the points agreed- these are characters not build point item
80 assorted pawns Vis (16)
220 lbs Silver (22)

Defixio insight (6) - pg 41 AM) - Cult of Minerva ReCo/An
Defixio Insight(6) Cult of Pluto ReMe
Summa Lvl 3 Q: 5 (14) Dead Language - Hyperborean
Enchanted Item (8)
80p various vis

125 vis(!) and 250 lbs

Parsing these portions I get:
Muto Summa L15/Q12 (27)
Intellego Summa L15/Q12 (12)
Canon of Medicine (Arabic Medicine Summa) (27) L:6 Q:9
Concietta insight source Q6 (1)
Strings of the Atlantinc Puppeteer magic item L20 (4)
470 lbs silver (47)
Defixio insight (6) - pg 41 AM) - Cult of Minerva ReCo/An please choose range unlimited or duration event
Defixio Insight(6) Cult of Pluto ReMe this will be the other choice than what is made for the Minerva cult insight
Summa Lvl 3 Q: 5 (14) Dead Language - Hyperborean
285p vis (57)types remain to be chosen


We also have the following vaguely defined:
9 magnitudes of lab texts (9)
6 magnitudes Enchanted items (6)
Enchanted Item (8)

for another 23 build points.

Just a reminder to everyone, Please look over the red comments Silveroak added and address them. In addition, it appears we need 26 more build points, so please check your totals to see if some of these are yours (or we could just spend them on a random arts book and be done).

actually it should come to 300 build points, so we are short by 76 build points. Please check which ones you submitted and make sure they are all accounted for.

The other 50 were from Quinchris, which at this point is in your hands. Have you heard from him at all?

I have just written him, if he doesn't respond or drops out we will give he 6th starting position to JeanPatrick.
I know you were keeping track of who submitted what, and as I recall you were the one who submitted the scribe for 6 points from that list, do you have records of who submitted what?

I don't have them listed by player, I was just collating. But I can go back and get it pretty easy. I'll post a new list by player a bit later.

Current Updated Submission
Intellego Summa L15/Q12 (27)
Enchanted Item Magnitude 1 - Cloak with Eyes of the Cat Level 5 "Cloak of the Night Watch" (2)
Lab Texts Magnitude 7 "The Incantation of Lighting" (7)
50 Silver (5)
45 Vis - 10 Auram, 5 Aquam, 5 Creo, 5 Intellego, 10 Muto, 5 Perdo, 5 Rego (9)

I will handle the two Defixio insights and the enchanted item(8) when I get home.

Build Points by Character

Intellego Summae L15/Q12 (27)
Magic Item, Cloak of the Night Watch (Eyes of the Cat l5) (2)
35 levels lab text, Incantation of Lightning (7)
45 pawns vis 10 Auram, 5 Aquam, 5 Creo, 5 Intellego, 10 Muto, 5 Perdo, 5 Rego (9)
50 lbs silver (5)
Total: 50

Muto Summa L15/Q12 (27)
30 levels enchanted items (6)
50 pawns vis (10) 7 An 15 Co 7 He 5 Ig 7 Im 7 Me 2 Vi
70 lbs silver (7)

The pick that softens Stone: Level 15 MuTe
Lesser enchantment:
If this Pick is touching stone this stone will be soften so that it can be dug out or manipulated. The stone is soft like clay. The affected area is a 3 feet diameter with the pick at its center. See also rock of viscid clay. ArM5 P154.
Base 3, touch +1, diam +1, part+1, 24 uses/day+5

The camping pot for a good hot soup: Level 15 CrIg
Lesser enchantment:
The camping pot is a simple iron pot that boils everything within. The pot is big enough for 10 portion of soup or stew to be cocked within. Simply clap the bail to the correct side add water, and other ingredients and after a few diameter you will have a delicious meal .
Could be really useful in case there is no firewood and no magus arround
Base 4, Sun+2, 2 uses/day +1

Total: 50

Exasperated Cultist
35 vis (7 Cr 7 Re 7Aq 7Te 7Vi, ]) (7)
100 lbs silver (10)
Concietta Insight Q6 (6)
Canon of Medicine, Medicine Summa L6/Q9 (27)
Strings of the Atlantic Puppeteer (4)
Total: 54

125 pawns vis (25) - Confirm 25 each Technique?
250 lbs silver (25)
Total: 50

L60 Defixio Insight Lab Text, (12)
Hyperborean Language Summa L3/Q5 (14)
40 levels magic item, Poseidon's Anchor (8) (see below for details)
15 pawn each Cr/In/Mu/Pe/Re, and 5 Vi (16)
Total: 50

Kuiti Itijin
A Mythic Companion (n/a)

JeanPatrick (50)
12 BP related to Grigori Magic
inspiration for Harnessing the Essential Power of Imagonem
Lesser Enchantment:

-Preserver of magical ingredients lab text (5BP)
-Decanter of the Undiluted Essence lab text (8BP)
-Insurance against the Dropped Vial lab text (4BP)
-The Tirelesss Servant lab text (8BP)

Total: 25BP

-65 pawns of vis (20 Creo, 10 Muto, 15 Intellego, 20 Rego, 10 Vim) (13BP)

total: 50

Does anyone have any preferences for what forms or techniques the Vis is of? I can't see any reason to make it Vim Vis. And given that Technique Vis can be traded 1:1 for form vis, it seems that spreading it across the techniques is the most value, if a bit "optimizing"?

We will need significant amount if Vim to power the Aegis (nobody will want to extract unless they have to), and a little more to open talismans/greater invested items). Other than that, I agree that technique and corpus vis are the best choices. Although we can always trade Technique vis for Vim on a one for one basis, we would need to actually find a trade. I'd rather have stocks.

Edit: Of course we COULD just use Rego, I suppose....

I was doing insights for Deficio as Lab text since they are spells. i need two level 30 spells.

I'll take one from AM pg 45 Draw on Diana's Hounds
InCo 30

R: Unlimited D concentration T Ind
Base 3 +6 Unlimited +1 conc

The Inexorable search with no AC and unlimited range.

Theia's blessing
R: Unlimited D: Conc T: Ind
You can see, hear and smell what your target does.
(Base 3 +6 Unlimited +1 Conc )
Basically Summoning the Distant Image

80 vis = 15 Creo, 15 Intelligo, 15 Muto, 15 Perdo, 15 Rego, 5 Vim

An insight has a "level" equal to the required breakthrough points, and is purchased as a lab text. So Jebrick's insight into Defixio magic should have one for level 30 (event duration) and one for level 60 (unlimited range), and cost 1 point per 5 levels, or 6 and 12 points respectively. The Concettia insight is considered level 30, costing 5 build points. I believe the error here is mine in the way I explained things in the advertisement thread.

I think I would remove one of the Defixio and just go with a 12 bp spell Draw on Diana's Hounds

Magic item:
Poseidon's Anchors

A small series of weights that are meant to attach to a long rope and dragged behind a ship. When the ship comes near a source of magical power the rope pulls tight as the anchor points the way. With a successful Int + Navigation roll with an ease factor of 9, the user can nail down the location of the discovered site with enough accuracy to make a dive.

Guide the Seeker
Pen +0, Constant effect
R: Per, D: Mom, T: Ind'
This effect pulls the rop etowards the sensed magical power/vis. The taunt rope may then be followed to the source.
(Base 3, +3 linked trigger, +10 unlimited uses/day)

Seek the Enchanted Waters
Pen+0, Constant effect
R: Vision, D: Sun, T: Ind
This effect detects nearby magical/vis sources
(Base 1. +4 vision, +2 Sun, +1 2/day, +3 environmental trigger: Sunrise/set)

That's a cool effect, and it's vague enough that Silveroak can trot it out whenever he wants a story about it. I like it. A lot!

As a matter of design that would not affect the point cost- does this point towards any source of vis, or only ones which are in/on/under the water?

It detects magic. It is set to use underwater. One made above land would be different ( not needing the rope for 1).

What I am getting at is that range vision could extend beyond the waters themselves- for example a coastal magical aura. Is the spell deigned to exclude those sources or not?

If used underwater it would exclude things on land because it could not "see" them is how I see it. I guess you could use it on land and if it detected a magic source the rope would point the way so like a plum bob for vis.