Covenant Roster

I am collecting data on published 5th Edition Covenants for my troupe.

My information categories are:




Reference - Book and Page for the main entry.

Membership / Size - This should probably be an analog number (Large, Small) and an approximate digital one.

Foundation Date - AD rather than AA, for simplicity.

Season - As a rough indicator of relative power.

Wealth (Mundane) - I don't know that this is always clear. Analog - Poor, Average, Rich

Wealth (Vis) - I know this is not usually clear. Also analog.

Library - I am routinely annoyed at how little library information is in a description. Also analog.

Features - I wonder if this should be What You've Heard, rather than What Is So.

Reputation - Dankmar is a den of evil magicians, Aedes Mercurii is a pagan holdout, and so on.

Notes - Other short or long items.

What else would be good to include for a general roster of covenants?

I'd add Friends & Foes.
Having this information in the roster makes it easier to discern, at a glance, the local "power blocks".

I like Ezzelino's suggestion. Also, something like isolation. Is a covenant highly isolated, thoroughly invested in Hermetic politics, somewhere in between? Hmmm... should that be separated as Hermetic/non-Hermetic? I suppose the non-Hermetic part would show up in some of the other things. I was thinking mostly of Hermetic isolation to identify with which covenants players are more or less likely to interact. That seems like a really useful quick item to me.

Both of these are, essentially, "Relations". So far (one Tribunal) I've been dealing with that sort of thing in Notes, as there are all sorts of potential relations - not just mundanes, but Church, nobles, peasants, merchants; not just the Order, but lots of factions; plus local Faeries and magical beings, possibly courts of them.

So, difficult to summarize.

I don't suppose Mundane Relations and Order Politics columns are out of the question, though.

I've been fiddling with this, adding when time has allowed, and I believe I have all of the known covenants from the Tribunals books run up in a simple note sheet. I am now looking for readers to check and consult.

The roster is in Google Drive Sheets format. Please PM me if you'd like access to the notes. I will need an email address to grant access. I expect there will also be chatter and discussion by email.

These are notes, not full profiles, and they include information that a mage outside of these covenants might be expected to know with some kind of ability check. I have tried to avoid inside secrets of the covenants. I have only compiled material on 5th Edition covenants; whether 4th Edition covenants should be added (and whether they are extant in 5th) is unclear to me.

I am certain that the style and consistency of this roster varies, as it was compiled from information that itself varies in tone and style, over the course of three or four months, in spurts. I am also sure that my biases and opinions are present!

All of this material is based on Ars Magica published text.

I am working on something simular; a searchable database featuring all officially detailed Magi from all editions with breakdowns across Tribunals, House, Covenant, Mystery Cult, Year & Third Party Political Alligences (ie Guilds from GotF, Leagues from HoH: S & TSE, Cabals, Milities, etc). Reputations included.
Some 'unoffical' ones will also be included, such as the Shadow of the Moon Covenant.

If I ever get close to finishing/up to date with the current books, I'll send a copy to Sun Rosa.

Till then, I'll keep quietly filling in my Hermetic Cenus.

I also have a mage roster, which I should strip of troupe information (won't take long) and make available, if anyone would like to see it.