Covenant Sheet


I'd like to translate the covenant record sheet(the one who is available on the site) in french but i can't modify the font and so can edit the text line on it.
I understand that you protect your product and I admit myself it is necessary but all i want to do is a sheet that all my player can understand.
Is there a possibility to have one sheet that i could edit?
I send back the sheet to you for downloading in French on the site if you will.

This might not be the best place to ask. I'd suggest instead. (Although the Atlas staffers do stop by the forums every now and again so this post might not be entirely futile.)

Hi Khm,

I'd guess they'd be only too happy if you also gave them a copy to include on the site for other fans to download. I worked on indexing several books for Ars 5, which are available as free downloads, and others have done much more onerous projects. Translations are I believe always welcome - you might want to ask about joining Atlas special ops team...

cj x

Where IS the covenant record sheet? I haven't seen it, and would like a copy. English preferred. :slight_smile: