covenant Stores

Cr vis: 72
In Vis: 60
Mu Vis: 60
Pe Vis: 45
Re Vis: 72
An Vis: 7
Au: vis:10
Aq vis: 7
Co Vis: 15
He Vis: 7
Ig Vis: 5
Im Vis: 7
Me Vis: 7
Te Vis: 7
Vi Vis: 24
457 lbs silver
Cloak of the Night Watch (Eyes of the Cat l5)

The pick that softens Stone: Level 15 MuTe
Lesser enchantment:
If this Pick is touching stone this stone will be soften so that it can be dug out or manipulated. The stone is soft like clay. The affected area is a 3 feet diameter with the pick at its center. See also rock of viscid clay. ArM5 P154.
Base 3, touch +1, diam +1, part+1, 24 uses/day+5

The camping pot for a good hot soup: Level 15 CrIg
Lesser enchantment:
The camping pot is a simple iron pot that boils everything within. The pot is big enough for 10 portion of soup or stew to be cocked within. Simply clap the bail to the correct side add water, and other ingredients and after a few diameter you will have a delicious meal .
Could be really useful in case there is no firewood and no magus arround
Base 4, Sun+2, 2 uses/day +1

Poseidon's Anchor