Covenant University

This is a thread for my latest project after a simply brain-storming from the Covenants Income Sources thread.

I now want to work this idea out but I will do this in small steps and I hope you wont spare me with critics and own thoughts that can be worked into this new covenant.

I would also be very thankful for good online resources in english language about the historical universitys and their teachings.

Holy and Hermetic University St. Nerius in Cologne
The University St Nerius was founded only 35 years ago in the year 1185 after a discovery made by some young mages, only a few years out of apprenticeship: they investigated some texts found in the great libary of Durenmar. These texts from an unknown roman scribe contained some hints of a ancient temple of Hermes in the city of Cologne. But this tempel wasnt easy to find:because of the need to investigate in the city the young magi first visitied the archibishop and succeded in becoming friends to him after helping him with some infernalists. After this the group set up a small house in the city, but this was to Fenghelds anger because of their own chapter house in the city. After some seasons of work and investigating they finaly found the ancient temple in a regio with an entrance in the heart of cologne itself. After researching the ancient ruins they found a great libary that somehow survived the long time since the fall of roman empire in a more than perfect shape. A plan was made of an university that uses this massive amount of ancient books and the libary of the archbishop (who should be the patron of this university). So the young magi traveled to Durenmar and several other covenants the next years to gain their assistance on the tribunal of 1185, and they succeded in most cases. Only Fengheld was a big enemy of this plan, because they feared that with this university the influence of Durenmar would grow and their own influence (and their chapter house) would dimish. But Fengelds opposition came too late, with the votes of most magi the founding of this new covenant was allowed and it was stated that it isnt a breake of the Oath of Hermes. After this some old magi from house Bonisagus and Jerbition and some others with the gentle gift was invited into the covenant to become the leader. The young magi stayed at the covenant and all became Master due to their hard work.
a) City of Cologne / Buildings of the mundane university / students life
b) Teaches / Artes Liberales / Theology / Law / Medicine / Rules
c) Teachers I) Mundane II) Supernatural
d) Supernatural Things: I) Special Path of the Forrest II) Supernatural Faculty III) Supernatural Students IV) Supernatural Abilitys
Covenant : Description / Magi / Oath / Rules
Story Hooks a) For the Covenant b) With the Covenant