The covenant of Palavo Pyrgos as it currently stands:

Manor house(free)- some people are talking about wanting things more spread out, but by p. 71 in covenants a manor house only houses 10 points of inhabitants, and with 10 magi, 1 companion and 3 grogs (to date) we are looking at 99 points of inhabitants, so presumably there will be additional buildings, the manor house is simply the central structure.
wooden (minor hook)
aura (minor boon) twice for an aura of 5
faerie regio: 2 minor hooks (1 for regio and 1 for it being faerie instead of magic)- this is the Nymphs domain, we do not know everything it may hold
Secondary Income (minor boon) Shepherding and scriptorium
School (major hook) also provides for future scribes, and helps locate potential gently gifted apprentices
Exceptional Book (major boon)
Sufferage (minor hook)
Healthy Feature (minor boon)

Labs: The following magi have selected a "lab in a box":
Evangelos of Jerbiton
Orion ex Merinita
Omphalos of Bonisagus
Aureliano of Mercere (technically entitled to a lab but has little use for one)
Liberius of Bonisagus
Maximilian of Verditius

Selected to start with a full lab:

the remaining magi have not yet made a selection:

build points:150+294 (box labs)

• Terram summa L23 Q12 (free from the Exceptional Book boon, on the Art that got the most votes)
• Creo summa L16 Q15 (31 points)
• Vim summa L16 Q15 (31 points)
• Intellego summa L15 Q15 (30 points)
• Perdo summa L14 Q16 (30 points)
• Rego summa L13 Q17 (30 points)
• Corpus tractatus Q11 (11 points)
• Muto tractatus Q10 (10 points)
• Animal Summae L10Q15 (10 points)
• Code of Hermes tractatus Q11 (11 points)
• Code of Hermes tractatus Q11 (11 points)
• Finesse summa L8 Q10 (34 points)
• Magic Theory summa L8 Q11 (35 points)
• Mentem tractatus Q10 (10 points)
Artes Liberales summae: Almagest (aka Megale Syntaxis) by Ptolemy (L5Q8 summa)
Philosophae summae: Physics by Aristotle L6Q12
Theology summae: Periphyseon (About Nature) by John Scotius Eriugena (L4Q8 summa)
artes Liberales summae in Latin: Ars grammatica - Ars minor Donatus (L4Q15 summa)
Medica: Hypocrates, L6Q11 summae in medicine
Fabulous journeys - Vernacular (Romaic Greek) Literature, Aesthetic quality:8

Scribe 6 (6)
Bookbinder 6 (6)
Illuminator 6 (6)
Parchment maker 6 (6)

30 lbs silver