Covenants and The Bountiful Feast

Any thoughts on how to apply The Bountiful Feast using the Covenants wealth rules? Would you use it as a permanent improvement or just a single modifier or something else?

I'd say that it provides one good year. I'd treat it as an expansion or (probably) boom per the box on page 57

With a boom level covenant with a typical agricultural income source can improve to a greater one in 3-4 years, and legendary one in seven years.

At expansion they can get to legendary in 14 years (and 98 pawns of vis, of course).

Considering that 14 years is achievable in play, does this feel right?

I suggest treating it as a one-off bonus on income rather than as a compounding improvement.

14 years of bontiful covenant should cause 13 years of problems with the people (including nobility and church) in the surrounding area. Don't know if this is a good trade-off. A bountiful year is a rare ocurrance, not a sustained effect.



Not IMS. Oh, sure, someone bringing much more produce out of those long-ignored villages might get some interest, which might develop into a story or - if its handled poorly - a recurring problem/villain. But I generally have no problem with letting the players increase their resources. I just don't think 13 years of problems over their excess produce will make for an interesting saga.

This is a very much IMS thing. YMMV, and so on.

Rulewise, I agree with it counting as a "A Good Year" making sense, and in treating each one as a one-time thing (as Fruny said).