Covenants in Provencale tribunal

Being a lazy(ish) SG running a Saga set in Provençal tribunal I suddenly realized that there might be other people doing the same. And if they have published some of their saga and specially covenant information on the web somewhere, then that might save me some work in detailing the other covenants for my own saga. :smiley:

So do anyone know of links to covenants (and magi) in the Provençal tribunal?

Have you checked out Project Redcap? ... l_tribunal


My saga is set in provençal Tribunal. I have more or less advanced description of each Covenant in the area, as well as 10 or more lines of background and description for the 120-something wizards in that Tribunal.
All this material is largely inspired by older editions publishing, although i changed few things.

Problem is that all of this is in french. In case you're interested anyway, just let me know :slight_smile:

Definitely interested. Brushing up my french again is desperately needed. Currently I read badly and only speak/understand after at least one bottle of suitable French beverage :wink:

Is it "canon" covenants you want or...?

The only canon covenant left is Castra Solis, I think. All the others are from earlier editions, but any covenant will do, more or less, since I have an empty tribunal to fill up. And with only Mistridge detailed and Windgraven and Val Negra sketched (and half of Doisstep) there is plenty room for more.

So any covenant helps. If anyone have detailed the ones only named in 2nd, 3rd and 4th that helps as well. Beggars can't be choosers :wink:

I seem to remember Bellaquin to be in that Tribunal. Four (I think) Jerbitons living in a fortified manor house in the woods. They were one of the rivals of Mistridge. Not sure which books they'd be in off the top of my head, but they were 3rd ed, possibly mentioned in 2nd ed.


Bellaquin was shown as a covenant deeply embroiled in mundane politics (in fac tit was part of the mundane politics landscape) in Covenants, from ArM 2nd edition.


That was the original Covenants book, 3rd ed.

Actually, wasn't that disastrous Spring covenant in Provencal as well - Lariander - the one in the swamp? (Actually, all 4 of those example Covenants might have been in Provencal... I'm also finding the names Doissetep and Windgraven in the Mistridge book, but no more than the names.)

2nd ed - 3rd ed had a system for covenant desgn integrated in the core rules book

All 4 (Lariander, Bellaquin, Doisstep and Val Negra) of those, as well as Mistridge and Windgraven were in the Provencal Tribual.

Having looked everywhere published the following are Covenants mentioned to be operational (close to) canon time (with a little info I have found in different sources):

Castra Solis - 5ed. - South of Bordeaux- 9 magi - Domus Manga House Flambeau
Val Negra - 2ed. -South of Pyrenees (mid way between West-coast and Andorra) - 4 Magi/Abandoned - Former Domus Magna House Flambeau
Mistridge - 2ed (and 3rd) - Val du Bosque (North of Pyrenees, midway between coasts - 5 magi - Canon setting for 3rd.
Windgraven - 3ed(?) - Central Pyrenees (south of Mistridge) - 4 magi - Canonical rival of Mistridge
Doissetep - North side of Pyrenees, western half - 23 magi - Original covenant of authors before Mistridge
Lariander - 2ed - South east of Toulouse in Faerie forest Regio - 6 Magi - Lots of undiciplined Tremer in a Fareie Regio...
Bellaquin - 2ed - East of Toulouse - 12 magi - 2ed's Triamona "mundane interaction with lots of Jerbitons"
Bentalone - 3ed - North of Bordeaux - 8 Magi - No additional info
Berinor - West coast, south side of Pyrenees - 9 Magi - No additional info.

So a rather populated tribunal with lots of covenants in the foothills on both sides of the Pyrenees. The most free area is the eastern part of the tribunal. This is where my Saga has their covenant.

The above post lists the ones that I'm familiar with... although it is also important to note the proximity of Barcelona, despite being in the Iberian Trib, as a very close neighbor. I'm not sure whose campaign this is but it may be from Tristelune who posted above. It's in French but it's a great depiction of the Provencal Tribunal centered on Mistridge. ... 708c&msa=0


The map above is not mine. But i used to take a lot of inspiration for the one in use in my saga: ... ,30.410156


I think this is in Portuguese...