Cr/Ig Concentration

Say we go with the basic Pilum of Fire. It is a Level 20 spell.

Now you bump this to a formulaic spell at Level 25 but with a Conc duration instead of Momentary. You cast this at a creature or person with some kind of magic resistance, lets go basic Parma. If you beat their resistance and successfully cast the spell, then the fire hits they take damage, ect ect.

My question is this, The first round they are hit with fire and have to soak and take damage, the next round... do you have to penetrate their Resistance again? Or are you past the Parma because it is a Concentration level spell and as such, each round they are going to take that +15 damage until you end the spell (either because you wish to end it or being forced to do so).

And to follow up, if you made a Level 25 spell that was only +10 damage but Sun duration and range voice, and then cast it successfully against a target with magic resistance, would that target every round have that spell igniting a flame that does +10 damage every round until they dispelled it? If the target is them then would the center of where the fire starts be that person? The spell once penetrated would just burn on the victim until the sun duration expired?

From the Coat of Flames spell it would look like the target stays on fire no matter what they do until the spell ends or is dispelled.

I'd argue that you only have to penetrate once.

I'd also suggest using D: Diameter. That way you get your extra rounds of damage, but the spells are still fire and forget.

Yes. The magic creates a fire, said fire burns you as long as you stay in contact - if that happens to be you that's on fire, too bad.

The spell only penetrates once. And yes, the target would burn until sunset/-up. Secondary fires might start, but would not be magical.
A bit cruel perhaps, but works like a charm (pun intended, sorry).

This is correct. Flames might be extinguished if the target is fully immersed in water though - not sure if mythic europe allows flames that burn under water - but that's an SG's call, and anyway the flames should re-ignite once (and every time) the target surfaces.
If the target does try the water trick remember to ask for swimming checks - modified for wound penalties.

Hah! Nice.

The cruelty aspect of a Sun durationg Ignem spell is definitely understated.

Glad to see that I had the right idea with penetrating once. The only reason I would want it Conc and not Diameter, while Diameter is a nice fire and forget spell... I want to be able to turn off the fire when I want to without the effort of canceling the spell.

Pun-tastic BTW :laughing:

The flames wont follow the target unless the magi actively guides it AFAIK.

However full immersion in water would be a good way of stopping the effects of the direct flame.....until the magus starts boiling in the bag!!!!

look at grip of the choking hand as an example. It causes damage turn on turn..... I'd use it as a representative, even though it's a bit of a special pleading in the Pe/Co range as most duration Pe/Co spells stop the healing for the duration not cause damage turn on turn.


I want to agree with you, but can you find a source for this?
It came up recently in my troupe :confused:

In my understanding, yes and no :-/

As I see it, and understand it (as always, due to the hazards of spell design and legacy, there may be contradictory spells, but bear with me):

  • A CrIg spell creates a fire. It creates it at a given place, where someone just happens to be. Thus, that person is burned. The fireball/pilum appearance is cosmetic
  • A Cr Ig spell with a duration creates a fire (or a light) in a given place, for a given duration. Anyone that appears to be in that place gets burned, but that place is static. Example: Wall of Fire. Someone that moves out of that place is no longer burned by that spell

Now, how to have a fire move with its target?
Working from a void, I'd say you'd need a Rego requisite, and to concentrate whenever you want to move the fire along.

Now, the RAW seems to have a slightly different view of that, with Coat of Flames.
Now, IIRC (Serf's parma, tired), how does this work? It uses a lower base than PoF, to "cling" to the target. This is akin to adding a Rego Magnitude without the requisite. So if you want such a spell, you should use that same base.
There's a relatively consistent thread in the RAW that spells don't vary unless you concentrate. For exemple, a flight spell will fly you in always the same direction, unless you concentrate to change it. I like this, it is IMO way better than "intelligent" spells, and it seems logical to me.
=> IMS, to "follow" someone with a PoF using the base guideline, I'd require Concentration duration, or else, you won't be able to "follow" your target.

I must say that it isn't the same a Spell that a Enchantment. A Spell is under your control if you design on that included the Spell of Duration: Concetration, there are very example of that.
On other side, a Enchated item with Duration need the Concentration of the user to change a effect, included if the Concentration is mantained by the object itself.

Well, since you pretty much went over most of the reason why i posted the comment, i guess its mostly yes. :mrgreen:

How so? Coat of flames has Rego as a requisite which takes care of it (yes i know its not being actively guided and i would probably add an extra +1 for complexity due to that..., but oh well i guess answered my own question hehe).