Cradle & Crescent definitions:


Try as I may, (in C&C) I can't find an accurate & definite description of these, could you please help?

[b]What is a sahir?

What is Sihr?[/b]


see Houses of Hermes Societatis, p. 133f.

Sahir: A member in good standing of the Suhhar Sulayman, having demonstrated the ability to summon a spirit to the satisfaction of the majlis. Not sure how official this is, but it is based on my observation that nizari "sahir" take the Mustajib virtue instead...

Sihr: One of two closely related supernatural abilities that allow for the summoning and coercion of jinn. Although it is, perhaps, less potent than some of the other Summoning Arts it also seems less likely to antagonize the targeted spirits... Note: (Exotic) Sihr, as described in HoH: S, is almost identical to the version described in TC&TC, but is slightly less applicable to Solomonic Magic.


So, "sahir" doesn't equal "mage"?
Does the word itself mean anything?


A quick google search brings us this page in Spanish ... lido=Sahir

It is about the meaning of surnames.

According to it, Sahir means either "small and brave man" or "guardian of the universe" (greek root).

Then there is a comment in the same poage that does not clarify if the 2 above are wrong or not, but says that it means "legion of angels" in Hindu

A second page says: "It's a Muslim name. This name means: Charming. Enchanting. Wakeful. Suitable only for boys. It is not so popular name.ยท" ... Sahir.html

Other pages highlight the meaning of wakeful for the Arabian name.



Perousing the WWW I've found this out. Probably has been posted before, but what th'... ... abica.html


According to the glossary in Blood & Sand, the terms are defined as follows:

Sihr = Magic

Sahir/Sahira = Sorcerer/Sorceress