Craft and Profesions Abilities - thoughts and examples

Hi, i was thinking on some Professions and Craft abilities and i feel taht is a good topic to share.
About Crafts, i jhave adoubt on the L&L and the Profession carpenter of one grog of example, i can supose that is one error, so no more. But i can imagine than to make one Talisman you could use the HMRE Craft Charms added to the more classical Blacksmith, Bone-carving, sculpters and similars works.
Som crafts that i can imagine include (and his characteristics to combine/suggestion): Craft: Baker (Inteligence, Presence or Stamina -!!_Japan), Craft: Toymaker (Dextrety).
About Professiona: the profession of apothecary is interesting to Magi and Hedge wiards because let them find components to his Lab works, i found interesting the Profession: Shipwright, to coordinate Carpenter, Spinners and Ropers to make ships. Some Professions of my own: Profession: Engineer (Inteligence, just like the Shipwright but to make greats mechanic systems with clockworkers, blacksmits, carpenters and mason), Profession: Embalmer (Intelligence and similar to apothecary - i can't understand because it's not included some guide relative on HP)
And yours?

In our saga we use Perception with Craft:Baker (and other "cooking" skills), because, while no particular ingeniousness is required, it's important to make sure you get the right ingredients and that you make no mistakes.

And to take attention on baking and temperature time, it's another option.

Considering the work environment, hours, and necessary exertion of a medieval baker I could see a case for Craft:Baker being attached to Stamina. Kneading dough by hand is long tiring work.

As far as another combination, IMS Craft:Poetry is connected to Communication.

True, i see that the crafting something, the most important characteristic is the most difficult to control that make the difference, or the more timely used on the process.
So, Prefession: Shepherd is possible, using like one Craft to see the quality/number of the head of cattle produced by year or season of work. With wich characteristic?

That would depend on the exact task you are trying to do, IMHO.

  • Evaluating the quality of sheep you want to buy? Perception
  • Saving the sheep of their wool? Dexterity
  • Planning the breeding of your stock? Intelligence
  • ...etc.

Would you need Profession: Shepherd or would Animal Handling (sheep) cover the tasks and if not why not and would a shepherd need both?

True, Arthur.
Lucious, taht was i thought before of the profession kennel Master and the others two to care animales like medicine. I mean, that the Animal Handling is perfect to do that (to care and to train), but it's possible see the profession just like the quality total, limiting on 1/3 the animal handling on the same total. I mean, C&G rules with the total of the Shpperd, and Animal Handling/3 like the Profession on her place.

I assumed we where talking about generating the general seasonal totals. Labor Points and Workshop totals.

I wold say perception for shepherding - you watch for predators, stragglers and disease, you assess grazing sites. If it's your own flock then when you judge what to buy, keep, sell and slaughter you use the evidence of your senses and experience rather than formal reason. Using a sheepdog is control at a distance which is usually perception too.

Good point.
Another Craft: Butcher, i don't remember if it's included on Covenants or C&G, but can be interesting to the Rego or Creo Animal to make meat products. Dextrety or Stamina to make the diary work?