Craft Magic and Targets

So I've seen a number of discussions of various aspects of Craft Magic (as in Rusticiani), but I haven't found the answer to one particular question. Using method 1, the casting equivalent, it describes the example of casting a spell on a horse that will trigger when the crafted horseshoes get put on him.

My question is about target awareness. I'm assuming you have to name a specific target when you use this method, is that right? Or can you name a categorical target? and if you do need a specific target, how much awareness of/proximity to the target do you have to have when crafting? And suppose you use an arcane connection; does that have to be included in what you craft? Nearby when you craft? Or do you finish the craft and then the spell is triggered when whatever you crafted is touched to the arcane connection?

If it matters, let's assume Craft: Woodcarving for the sake of argument.

I've always played it as you have to have a valid trigger condition rather than a valid target. The character I made was a fletcher, so his spells triggered when the magically crafted arrow struck a target forcefully (meaning they could accidentally trigger if his quiver was emptied from a height on to a hard surface). An NPC in that saga was a baker - he made magic bread rolls which triggered on the first person to take a bite out of the roll. Both of these were using touch range targets so the proximity issue wasn't a problem for us. (Also, both were making items that could be completed in an hour or two so could be produced at the maximum speed allowed for Rusticani).

Give an example of what spells you're trying to enchant and people can probably give you a detailed argument.

One main application is fletcher, same as you. Technically that solution is a house rule, but since you can get the exact same effect using method 3 to make charged items, it's easy to argue to make just one.

The other thing I'd like to do is a little carved trinket that has an effect that goes off only when it touches a specific target. That's where the requirements become a big question.