Crafting and such things


i read the City&Guilds book and have some Questions.

I like to build in the future a necromancer magi and he will use undead as labour worker and one master with the skill craft for the workshop total. And later some foremans as apprentice. This is possible because for such things like mining the are labour worker needed, but the do not count in the workshop total.

The Problem is that only few items are listed in the seasonial production chart. How much Iron Alloys are generated a whole season or such simple like a bow? I only could guess. I there a extended list? A Extended Price list would be cool too!

I might not understand the concept for your magus properly. In general C&G p.62 Laborers are not unskilled labor, though, and not easily replaced with mindless undead.

Medieval miners for example are highly skilled professionals, and their Abilities - say Profession: Miner - are passed on in their tightly knit communities.

An Hermetic magus setting up a mine requires access to people with this Profession: Miner, to supernatural beings with similar Abilities or Pretenses, or an elaborate plan to substitute such Abilities with Hermetic capabilities (like Covenants p.49 box Rego Craft Magic and HoH:S p.60f Craft Magic).

Just sending mindless undead to dig holes into a mountain reputed to contain precious ores doesn't result in a working mine extracting these ores, not even in stable tunnels and galleries, but in shafts collapsed already after the first few days of work.
Convincing professional miners to work alongside undead in a necromancer's mine will require a lot of magical and mundane persuasion, and if it fails might generate a fall-out in the Order of Hermes encompassing multiple Tribunals.

Having a group of magi tackle all these issues successfully would already make a large scale single purpose saga like those analyzed in HP or TME - so I would like to hear how it develops.


Perhaps linking souls of miners to their corpses? Hermetic Projects has guidelines for that, but I don't think that it is cost efficient.

i know that already.... the undead can do unskilled labor worker if one master has the skill to say them where to dig and how to build tunnels. There is a little bit told on the seasonal production chart that some work can not done alone and for most work you need unskilled worker who dig or something 1-10 people per foreman. The Crafting total is only estimated from the master.

And yes my magus has some knowledge. But i only would to know how much in quantites a mine will produce (a ton per season?). In the seasonal production chart are only few examples how to calculate the quantities....

How i set up the mine and if there are enough worker and skilled is already planned. I only want to know how i can estimate the amount of iron a master foreman would produce in a mine.

That would depend on the location of the mine, not on any abstract tables. In other words: ask your SG and your troupe.

Is it the Upper Harz, Kutná Hora, or a far poorer place? Who else knows of it, might have rights or an interest to it?


Ok Thanks that is what i wanted to know. If there are no tables for this i will ask my GM.