CrAu guidelines

As i have not seen in any guidelines ( peharbs because i have not all books) but i whould like to contribute to the game health.

The shooting stars were well known by the ancients, and somehow not well understanded. Regardless that the ancient greeks knew that had no relation with stars and considerate them a meteorological fenomenon ( meteorites) they also asociate this , or some of them , with stones falling from the sky. Meteorite metall is known as a gift from gods since bronce age (maybe even earlier) [see "old pelion" as an example or the gift of the king of Siria to the Egipt pharaon , an iron knife, to show him "see what my army have and yours not"]

Ok, back to the guidelines that is CrAu.

I would consider a shooting star as:

  • minor atmosferical phenomen so a 1

I whould consider the impact of a meteorite:
-very severe atmosferical phenomenon so a 5
( damage guidelines can maybe replicated from lightnings)

Observations accepted.


Those only for northen tribunals or someone who heard or read about them.

Boreal aurora: nothing to explain here if any one have historical curiosities i would love to hear of :smiley:

I whould go for a guideline 2 due to the size of it in the sky.

Sun dogs: mindblowing phenomenom that; from have been able to ocurr on more meridional lands, cristian history whould have been different.

EDIT!!: i was totally incorrect with sundogs. Those truly appear in meridional zones ( such as spain) but much less often and not so beatifull as in polar territories. Hope it become ussefull, and my apollogies for the incorrect data.

Parhelion (or sundogs) apears to show up as 5 suns forming a cross. Do that on your next crusade and theban tribunal will march you ( or maybe not)

I would go for guideline 5! Strange and rare phenomenon only witnessed on circumpolar areas... If not go for one

There are other guidelines i would classify as 1 as the zenithal rainbow (upsidedown) or a moonbow

Well i hope some of this helps.

Good guidelines. I'm not sure on shooting stars in the medieval paradigm -- but there is a Fourth Edition adventure set in Hibernia about one, unfortunately I forget the name. :slight_smile:

cj x

With the meteor, I'd say that +1 size makes it +10 damage, +2 size makes it +15 damage. etc. Each +1 size is +5 damage.
Kinda like trebuchet launched rocks :slight_smile:

Medieval paradigm was almost based on Aristotile and him as greek for sure had to explain about meteora on his natural books. Or at least i hope so :unamused: if not him i can find a classic telling about that.

My five cents

The Fallen Angel

Reading the description seems to imply that shooting stars are outside the influence of Hermetic Magic.

They definitely are in that scenario, because they come from outside the Lunar Sphere. I think that is probably reasonable - as such they are outside the Limits of Magic.

cj x

I only have wikipedia to go on, but Messor is completely correct -- "Although meteors have been known since ancient times, they were not known to be an astronomical phenomenon until early in the 19th century. Prior to that, they were seen in the West as an atmospheric phenomenon, like lightning, and were not connected with strange stories of rocks falling from the sky."

So they are seen as lights in the sky, and weather. Creo Auram then can create them, but not sure what they count as Base wise. What is clear is no rock is going to impact the ground when they fall!

If it is your desire check the meteoritic metal , and meteorite impacts history . If you give me a week or so i can quote you some historical witnessings of the impact of meteorites. All before 13th century. And Within the hipotesis in that era, one were rain but stones.
But i had to scuba in my planetarium library again. :wink: