Crazy numbers

Just curious...Whats the largest total you have gotten for a roll?

Last game netted me a 72....


I can't but vaguely recall once having diced out a lengendary hundred and something..

EDIT: and that is how a little hrool's slaying of a grog turb captain can become both grim and legendary...!

A roll on seond sight with 4 1 and a 9 for a total ~150... this roll broke the mainplot of our gm because I detected the big bady guy at our first meeting :smiley:

80 something after adjustments, to punch one of my Covenant-mates (a Tremere PC) before he could cast some Mentem spell on me.

I don't remebr the exact roll but I had a character in my game spontaineously cast a ring of warding against beasts that had a level of over 60 (which gave the dragon something to think about).

A 80 something once happened from some kind of bear-monster to throw one PC (a ex-misc) on another (the Tremere), never we will underestimate that beast again (even if it's plenty of vis)

This was in the very same game that another wizard, pretty unlucky, was truck dead with one unforgiving sword hit. If I recall well it was ~60 after calculation.

Yeah, that storyteller had learned the "Hide-your-rolls-so-your-players-will-live-a-little-longer-technique" that day.

I'm happy my mage is of the cautious kind.

Hy I forgot another crazy roll... some dragon like thing threw his breath ... rolled a 90 for damage... and killes every mage and every companion of the saga... luckily some of the players had the luck virtue and LUCILY his shining metal armor blinded the dragon for a moment. :open_mouth:

Given that we had a house rule in effect where instead of doubling, and doubling again, we went x2, x3, x4, x 5...

We've had a 120+ total come up... (roll of 90-100 plus stats and ability). Something like 9-11 1's rolled. I don't want to think about what the result would have been had we been doubling for every 1 rolled. We have had a number of 99's come up as well, one as an old 2nd Edition vis study roll...

Mr. Tuura can probably provide more info than I...


Fourth and fifth edition vis study are the times when I've really wanted to roll four ones and a ten but, alas, it has never happened for me.

I never even roled 1 1 in all my vis study up to now :S

i rolled 2x1 and a 9 to attack a mage and then 3x1 and a 10 to defend. he rolled a absurdly large defense for the attack and smashed me in round 2. we were using the wrong multiplier for the dice rolls or the numbers would have ended up different.

I have seen a roll of 132 with modifiers on an attack to finish off a badly wounded foe.

And I have rolled two 1s and a 10 on vis study... That was the season my character became the covenant's mentem expert.

Last wednessday our path of seeming Criamon was using his second sight style abilities to search for a regio boundry. He had a +9 bonus (due to keen sight) but the target number was darn high (large change in aura between regio levels). His roll was 1, 1, 1, ......2 :frowning: .

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

[size=75]I hate when that happens[/size]

One of the players in our group managed a roll of >300!
It was an awarness roll to spot blood dripping from the ceiling of a cavern... It had an easefactor of 0...
The player still dreams of having been able to use that roll for something more productive.

As storyguide, I got a total of 154 in an attack for an ambushing troll in a swamp resulting in the gory death of the party's veteran scout.
We all agreed that it was an acceptable death for the grizzled veteran.

Hail Eris!

Wednesday night, I'm the storyguide. There is a combat between the party and a group of primitive lizard people. I plan to have one of the
lizard people attack the knight, but then I think to myself "No, he'll never get through the Knight's defense score. I'll have it spear the knight's horse"

1,1,1,8 => 64 :open_mouth: . One dead horse and one releived SG happy that he didn't just murder a companion in the middle of the session.

(I don't use a screen and I'm a "let the dice fall where they may" sort of SG)

We got a 94 and a 60-something in my saga (two different rolls, about four months apart).

The 94 (on a ritual roll) had massive repercussions for the saga; the 64 (on a Folk Ken roll) let the PC basically read the mind of the target.

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