CrCo and aging crisis


P. 130, the guidelines CrCo say:
15 - resolve a minor aging crisis
20 - serious
25 - major
30 - critical
35 - terminal

But p170, the aging table:
15 - minor => CrCo20...
16 - serious => CrC25
17 - major => CrCo 30
18 - critical => CrCo35
19 - terminal => CrCo40

I'm unsure but i though i had already asked this, but can't find it with a search on the board.

So: which one is correct?

Is minor CrCo 15 or 20 (and from that the others^^)?

I have a uncertain opinion because both make sense... 35 is as "heal all wounds" and 40 because "terminal aging crisis" is the worst thing for old magi, and healers of that fact must be rare...

Serf's parma, but the first seem to be guidelines, while the later might be spells. Spells need to be Touch range (+1 magnitude) to work on people other than yourself, so would require the 5 extra levels of difference that you observe.


Yup Xavi, that would be a good explanation.
I haven't thought of it as the spell could be at other range than touch (voice or personnal for what it is) and so i thought that was the guidelines.

If nobody has another statement, i'm with you on this!

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Unless otherwise stated, the guidelines are personal instant individual, so you need to add magnitudes to get effects above that. That could explain the touch range not being included, since IIRC corpuis guidelines do not include that

Yup Xavi, i have made myself unclear:

i spoke over the text in the aging box (p170): they have put "CrCo40 to survive", but i haven't realized they would speak in "spell" rather than in "guidelines", because not all "resolving crisis spell" are 40 for a base 35 terminal... Example: "I'm immortal", which is a pers Ritual version of the guideline 35 and which is a level 35 spell, so not being the "40" spoken of...

For the guidelines (p130), i know they are pers mom ind, so no problem there, but with those, i could develop this spell: "Save my friend in his last day": arc, mom, level 50 Ritual CrCo spell , which isn't "40 CrCo" neither ^^.