CrCo and Disease


More questions. While toying with ides for background characters, I came across something in the CrCo guidelines that seemed puzzling.

According to the guidelines, CrCo can heal teh debilitating effects of disease, or wound levels caused by diease, etc., but at no point does it say that the disease itself can be cured. Yet, the discussion of the CrCo guidelines does make reference to disease cures (in that spells designed to cure disease do not cure wounds, and vice versa).

Is this interpretation correct? CrCo can limit and contain disease, but not cure it? Or am I missing something, for eg., in the medieval paradigm, the effect on the body is the disease, and thus once the effect is gone, so is the disease?

The reason I ask is that I've toyed around with the idea of a leper mage for some time, a CrCo specialist driven to cure his affliction. Just wondering what the mechanics would be in-game.


In the medieval paradigm disease is caused by malign spirits. So CrCo can heal the effects of the disease but the only way to rid the person of the spirit is with something else - PeVi I suppose.

CrCo might cure a disease that is caused by humor imbalances.