Creating 5th Edition creatures in Metacreator

So tomorrow I run my first Ars Magica game! This is a big deal. I've been wanting to play this game for years but my friends have been slavishly devoted to D&D. I downloaded Metacreator to help in preparation of this momentous event, which for the most part has been very helpful in creating NPCs on the fly (though I have noticed that the random generation feature isn't really all that random-- an Irish Grog minstrel has a hunchback every time :slight_smile:

I've recently tried to create an ogre using the creature template/sheet, but the software seems to revert back to 4th Edition. Is this my imagination?

Although the web page states that creature creation is a feature of the software for 5th edition, the template definitely seems to be for 4th edition.

Hmmm... I guess I'll shoot them an email and see what's up.

Ack!!!! If I only spent a couple a more minutes before posting!!!

Select New.
Game system -> Ars Magica 5.
File type -> Character Sheet.
Template -> ArsMagica5.cst.
Press OK.

Generate Character Window:

Type -> Creature
Gender -> Your choice.
Add Template Data -> Select this check box.
Age -> Your choice.
Press Load Data button.

Load Data Sheet Window:

Make sure Beasts.mds is in the Load Data Sheets text box. I don't know what happend if you put this in the Always Loaded text box, so I would just leave it here. You probably want to load all the other data sheets too, although this is a guess.
Press Close button.

You should be back at the Generate Character window. Press Next.

Select Template Window:

Pick a creature type template. If you don't like any of them, pick generic creature. I picked Stellatus, the Dragon.

Native Language Window: Pick Native language and press Next.

The creation process is now similar to creating a character.


Double ack!!! I hope you got this before you sent that email.

Nope, no email sent yet! Thanks for the info!

My pleasure

Alas I finally had the opportunity to follow your instructions. I was still unable to create a template that includes the Might of the creature... I bet it's user error on this end, but I'm emailing Alterego folks just to make sure...

Once you go through all this stuff, like an ability, add a Power. There is a subclass folder called Might.

Ah, I knew it--user error.