Creating Eidolons

Page 106 of RoP:M discusses Eidolons, spirits of ideas or emotions. On reading it, it seems like magi might be able to try and create eidolons by instilling the idea of one in the minds of a number of individuals (or, at least, attract one relevant to that idea or emotion), hoping that either one individual or the fact that all the individuals fixate on this one idea/emotion spawns (or attracts) a spirit. How do you think someone might go about this? Obviously using CrMe to create the emotions themselves might do it but seems like it would be rather hit or miss. One idea I had was to use something like Human Figment of the Waking Mind (from A&A p32) to create a mental illusion of the spirit that interacts with the target, creating a memory for the newly created spirit to use as its form. I'm both curious if others have other ideas about how one might do this and whether folks think this is reading too much into the "fluff" (for lack of a better term).


There’s a Spirit of Anger in HoH:Soc, p.99. Even a spell or two.

Yes. I am aware. I am not speaking of "Creating" in the sense of "Create the character/NPC" but in the sense of "a spirit being born," narratively, in the game fiction, by some action(s) of a magus.

The text under Airy Spirits discusses whether or not the spells that summon spirits insead actually creates them, so those might work as is.

Exploding dice on an Enchanting Music roll? Add the Inspirational Virtue?

Could certain Adulterations double as Eidolons?

The Side Effect Virtue/Warped Magic Flaw plus a Personality Flaw or something like Painful Magic or Fury?

The Thief of Emotions Virtue from GotF, page 40? You steal the desired expressed emotion from someone (perhaps its induced by a CrMe spell, perhaps its natural) and you transfer it to a nearby nearly inconsequential Airy Spirit, who becomes an Eidolon of whatever?

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