Creating faeries

So, I was thinking about writing up some faeries to use in our campaign. Specifically, the Black and Light Elves of Norse myth (Svartálfar and Ljósálfar). Being Norwegian, I have plenty of sources for inspiration, including old school books (we had lots of Norse mythology at school back then).

Anyway, since RoP: Faerie isn't released yet, I wanted to ask for suggestions about how to do the stats for these faeries. Should I just go a head and use RoP: Magic and replace the Magic Might with Faerie Might, or am I overlooking something important that makes this a silly thing to do?
Any thoughts? :slight_smile:


If I want a fairie, I just make a fairie. Forget the books.
As a SG you can taylor them to your needs in ways that no book ever can foresee. And you can use existing fairies to get a feeling for the power level and to have a list of things you have to write down.

That's the temporary patch I was considering. Ultima Thule may have some ideas you can canabalize as well. Norse faeries are fun :smiley:

Have you considered Timothy Ferguson's offer?