Creating Magical Beasts with CrAn

I am having a some problems figuring out what is and is not possible with CrAn. If I create a Magical Dog with a CrAn(Vi)60 ritual, (base 50, +1 touch, +1 requsitite)

has some sort of creature power.. (whatever it may be)

Is this creature "normal".. ie, can it breed, etc?

There seems to be a bit of discussion within my group since we have found the Awakening animals rules at the end of the Calabeis adventure, which allows the awakened animals to pass on some of their powers to offspring. Some members of my group seem to think that because these rules are there, that CrAn by itself creates sterile magical beasts that cannot produce offspring of the same type or maybe only mundane versions the parent animals.

Is there any consensus on this or, even better, actual rules regarding this topic?


There is nothing in Canon for 5th Ed to indicate that a created magical beast is sterile.
If you create a normal creature and give it a Might Score , thus creating a Magical Creature
it should be able to breed as normal for its creature type.
The problem with creating a Magical Creature is what Might Rating to give it.
There are no official guidelines for this.
From the few clues with Virtues/Flaws ,
the smaller the size of the critter , the higher the Might Score it can have.

Think the main rule in regards to what might a creature can have is that it can't be more than the base level of the spell.

The objection people had with this , is that you can create a creature with a Might of 50 relatively easily.
It is always base 50 to create a Magical Creature ,
or in fact anything Magical in the various Forms.

This led me to creating "the Magical Mouse Plague".
Create a single Mouse of Might 50 , its only Might related ability is to create , once a day , another magical mouse identical to itself.
This soon adds up to a lot of mice with a Might of 50.

Personally I'd add a magnitude or 2 for that power, but sure you can make such a spell...

Would make for an intresting story...

If you take a Magical Focus in Creating Magical Beasts , it is even easier. :slight_smile:

Sure you have to add a few Magnitudes to the Base of 50.
The problem is that there are no Guidelines (as yet) for the Stats and Might Score of created magical critters.

The Four Wolves given as examples in the Core Rules are not exactly helpful either ,
as they do not have a common template that they are built from.

No more questing for a familiar, just create a magical beast and take up the art of breeding.

New question to discuss; Would it be possible for any powers you give the creature to be passed along?

Personally I'd give it a low percent chance (10 or less)

I remember considering this as well, but it is kinda like marrying your own child...

Again , there are no indications that animals (or plants) with a Might score do not breed true.
Magical beasts pass on their abilities to offspring (e.g. Dragons).
Seems likely that a critter created by a CrAn(Vi) ritual could pass on specific powers to any children it might have.
I also think this is more likely in an area with a magic aura.
Breeding magical creatures outside a magical aura might eventually make the offspring mundane.