Creating new grogs during a saga: Storyguide or players?

Who designs new grogs who enter your saga after it's started?

  • Always the storyguide
  • Always the players
  • Storyguide and players can both introduce grogs when they like
  • Other (please explain)

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In most sagas I've seen it's the players who design "starting" grogs. But I've seen quite a bit of variation in terms of new ones who join the covenant during the saga.

Some Storyguides insist that grogs are like resources - they design them, choosing their virtues and flaws etc. and only after the covenant has managed to recruit them the players take charge (this does tend to make players grumble - PCs should be designed by players, after all). Other groups have players design new grogs and introduce them into play when they like (this sometimes can lead to abuse, as some less-than-mature players tend to have the "right grog", with exactly the "right" virtues and flaws and abilities, appear at the "right" time). In our group, which is small and relies heavily on troupe storytelling, the agreement is this: if a player wants one or more specific new grogs he has designed into the saga, that player has to take the mantle of the storyguide for a story, and use that story to bring the new characters into the saga.

What about you?

I'd be happy of players were that bought in to create grogs but it rarely happens.

You see, the thing I've found with grogs is you can never tell what's going to stick and what's not.

An example...

I pulled some basic stats from metacreator for a bunch of throw-away combat guys for what was little more than a quick playtest. We did that and then we didn't need them again. Until the magi went to town.

They needed some grogs so we fished around and pulled out those character sheets. And wouldn't you guess, as soon as one of the grogs got injured, the players made sure he had a name... Ginger. And when he was turned into a tortoise (in some mad attempt to prevent his wounds from worsening) his place in the covenant was assured.

Nobody actually went away and created him. In fact, nobody actually knows what he does on his down time, or where he spends his wages, or even if he's married, but you try getting the magi out of the covenant without Ginger in tow...

Which I think is a long way of saying, the stats really don't matter. In fact, half the time the virtues and flaws don't matter much. It'll be something arbitrary that gives the character resonance and that, frankly, is a troupe thing.

But the flip side to that is that anyone in our troupe is free to make up a grog. It's useful to allow that as then everybody gets a chance to have their own shield grog that fits what they want out of a grog. Only a couple of us have bothered so far, but the option is there.


Here's how it's worked in our sagas:

When we started the campaign, everyone made a grog or two that the magi would like to have around.

Then, as various personalities from the covenant got fleshed out, they got storyguide-created grogs.

When grogs died, they were generally replaced by player-created grogs with similar skills, unless there was a game reason that such a person wouldn't be available.


A first name and a role tossed in by someone at the beginning of a scene (Gregor, stringy old rower). Then the troupe start bantering/boasting/grunting in-character. If they need stats in the course of the session, they get something approximate. If they live, they'll be fleshed out at some random point.

Needs a low-level Ward vs. Silliness, of course.

My case exactly. I have even run grog-only sessions that fit 100% in that definition. Some of our best and repetitive grogs, that appear every time on scene do not have more attributes than an attack soak and damage bonuses. And they are still some of the best characters around.

We all design grogs in our group. Mainly the players as the Grog slots become available....

I think we may be slightly unusual though because quite often our Grogs are treated just like PC's and have stories, interactions and back history. The thing about our Saga is that it's not a tale about Clever Magi, and Brave Knights but it's become a tale a about an entire community which just so happens to be the covenant.


The question doesn't apply; we play Troupe style so the storyguide is a player.