Creating quick ben from Steven erikson's malazan series.

First time player here starting a campaign on the weekend. I wanted to create a character based around Quick Ben from Steven Erikson's books. Any ideas? Using version 5... I was thinking house criamon with plagued by entity, nuisance entity and twilight prone to suggest at his multiple dealings with otherworldly entities and his travels through not so mundane realms. Virtues, life linked spontaneous magic and secondary insight, fast casting for spontaneous magic? Any better ideas or insights from anyone that knows the game?

Do you think that Criamon, with their apt mindset would work for Quick Ben. I do not see Quick Ben being like a Buddhist.

What aspect of Quick Ben do you want to stand out? Realizing the magic system is very different and Quick Ben can do multiple magics because he holds multiple souls( but that is that magic system).

If you are looking at his being able to travel in the Warrens you might look a virtue like Regio Network or perhaps be a Merinita and use their travel mysteries.

Thanks, merinita does seem a better fit. I was going with plagued by entity along the lines that maybe he had made a deal with a demon in the past and managed to trick his way out of it and similar with nuisance entity. As a first time player is it easier to stick with formulaic magic instead of spontaneous?

Yes, as a new player formulaic is simpler because sponting requires competence with the spell design system. that said, one way to ameliorate this is to make some notes on spontaneous effects you can accomplish without fatigue and some spontaneous effects you can often accomplish with fatigue so you don’t bog down play by searching for spells or trying to do all the design on the fly.

Remember, you should only take one story flaw. If you want a specific being to be out for you and other beings dislike you you can take Plagued by supernatural entity and unbearable to (beings) from HoH:MC p87.