Creative uses for mysteries

OK, so I'm looking at some of the mysteries and trying to engage my munchkin brain. In particular Spell binding and hermetic empowerment.

The general consensus from the boards seems to be that both have a single BIG advantage that makes them super useful.
Spell binding allows you to use your full range of penetration (skill, arcane connections, sympathetic magic) to do what you'd normally use a magic item for, i.e. permanent effects.
Hermetic empowerment allows you to cast rituals in a single round by making an item that does it.

Both are cool, but I'm struggling to think of things where they really excel beyond long term control spells for supernatural beasties (spell binding) and instant healing magic (Empowerment).

Has anyone found any clever uses for these?

Maybe a permanent Aegis? Could save a LOT of Vis, yes? Maybe combine it with Hermetic Empowerment to "turn" a hostile Aura?