Creature include human?

I'm wondering if humans also considered creatures in ArM5.
Especial when reading the Virtue Voice of the (Land) RoP:M 47 and using Town there make this virtue extremly powerfull when creature include human.

For creatures of the chosen Land it

  • set off the effect of the gift partial as they dont see you as threat or prey
  • allow you to speak with them (why would I ever pick Linguist if I can talk to all townfolk over the world without spending a point in a language?)

Humanity is superior to animals. The bible says so, in the medieval paradigm.

Since Ways of the Town applies to city animals rather than people, I'm inclined to say this is true for Voice of the Town too.

YR7, I think you're misunderstanding this a bit.
Voice of the (Land) allows the individual person (not an animal) talk to animals and creatures of the specified land. I don't think it applies to humans, namely for the advantage of being able to talk to any person in any city. That makes it an overly powerful virtue.

Oh, and Linquist is good, but Gift of Tongues might be better, if you take a corresponding Legacy Flaw or have something that links you to the Blood of heroes like Mythic Blood.

Not every character concept has access to supernatural Virtues, so it is not a viable virtue for every character.

Not everyone you want to speak to lives in a town. In fact, the majority of people do not live in towns.

BTW, Ways of the Town explicitly does work on people (ArM5, page 50). You do get the +3 bonus against people; but they may still harrass you (unlike town animals).