Creo Corpus question....

If a ritual can be formulated to permanently increase physical characteristics; could a creo corpus ritual be formulated to permanently grant a virtue such as perfect balance, light touch, long-winded, sharp ears or something like that? If so, what type of magnitudes would be involved?

Opinions welcome :slight_smile:

i think some may be rego corpus

Most likely this would be a breakthrough from Original Research or something. Virtues and Flaws are usually seen as part of your Essential Nature, which is why you can't just cure a Blind character with a spell (though you can give him temporary vision with Muto.) The raising of attributes is sort of an unusual case, but generalizing that from just attribute bonuses to virtues as well seems possible.

I'd price it as similar to raising an attribute by +1 up to a maximum of +4: the equivalent of buying a level of Great (Characteristic) after maxing out the characteristic normally.


There are some balance issues, however, so you may want to limit this somehow. At the very least, I'd make it easier to lose those virtues somehow... maybe they fade the next time you gain aging points, or go into twilight.

As the game stands, magi can already trivially boost all their attributes once they're old enough and powerful enough. Giving them access to effectively all of the general physical virtues on top of that might be too much, if you don't add a drawback.