Creo or Corpus Vis Hunt ideas?

My saga is set in the Baleric isles. Due to a recent plague, they've exhausted their supply of creo and corpus vis, but there remain a few infected covenfolk. Next session, the players want to do a vis hunt to deal with the disease.

Any ideas for a creo or corpus vis hunt that would be a natural fit on the isles (or other parts of the mediterranean)? The leader of the covenant is a Jerbiton who has several agents in Palma and other Mediterranean ports. It would be easy justification for him to have heard about a potential vis source.


Due to the plague (or whatever) rumours have reached the covenant that have uncovered the resting place of . Legends say this person was a close adviser to Alexander the Great, accompanying him on many of his great campaigns. Supposedly he was a mystic with healing powers, enabling Alexander's armies to recuperate and refresh unnaturally fast. tomb lies in an obscure place, unfitting for a companion of Alexander. Legends tell that ultimately failed Alexander, not being able to cure the poison that killed the great General.

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On an arid part of an island is a spring, providing water where people least expect it. It is due to the presence of Creo vis down at the base of the spring. Characters will have to find a way to hold their breath (get those deprivation rules out!) or breathe underwater and dive through narrow, twisty tunnels to find the source.

In an isolated patch lives a group of magical humanoids. Each of their bodies contains a pawn or two of Corpus vis, but this tribe handily buries its dead in a way that preserves a pawn. All you have to do is desecrate the pagan gravesites and hope you don't get caught and face the undying enmity of the people.

The neried Kura (page 59, BS&S:Mythic Africa), in Cyrene, can offer a lead to Silphium (page 62), which is a source of Corpus Vis.

This is possibly a bit out of the way.

The titan Prometheus was chained to a mountain in the Caucausus by the Olympian gods for giving fire to mankind. Every day an eagle would come and eat his liver, until Herakles struck the eagle down and freed Prometheus.

How much Vis is in the blood soaked rocks where Prometheus was chained? (I am presuming he bled whenever the eagle feasted)
And say the eagle is not dead, merely has a broken neck, sustained by its previous diet of ever-regenerating liver of an immortal.
Both sites are probably in adjacent regio in the Caucasus mountains somewhere. They probably both have Corpus Vis.

Story seeds:

A volcanic hot spring is said to have incredible healing powers. Villagers and nobles alike come from miles around to restore themselves in its pungent-smelling waters, although locals caution them that the waters will lose their efficacy if bottled and removed. If magi investigate then they will discover that this is in fact true: it is the sulphur dioxide in the air which contain healing vis. Since the gas quickly becomes diffuse, harvesting it may require inventive use of Auram magic. If the vis is removed then the hot springs lose their healing properties for the rest of the season - worse, since there are large numbers of sick people wallowing in them, they can become actively harmful.

The mediterranean rim has long been the haunt of slavers. Christians are kidnapped for service in the Maghreb, just as Muslims are kidnapped and trafficked north into Christian lands. The stories that parents tell their children to warn them about slavers, have led to faeries taking on the role of slave raiders and traders. Recently, the covenant's agents have reported that a new band of slavers have begun offering their wares, mostly kidnapped children, for sale. These slavers are in faeries and the slave market takes place within a goblin market. Magi who are prepared to make war on these faeries may find themselves very popular, as well as gaining a windfall of Corpus vis from the bodies of the faeries they fight.

A local nobleman, famous for his sword skills and just as famous for his bragging, loses a hand in a tournament accident. Everyone - including him - expects this to be the end of his career, which makes it such a surprise when he turns up several months later with two good hands. At first he attempts to be mysterious about it, but he is unable to avoid boasting and soon the truth comes out: a wise woman, living on her own outside a large village, healed it for him. The Church makes plans to send an investigation to determine whether she is an agent of the Infernal - or just as possibly, an agent of the Divine. What if she's neither, just a hedge mage with strange healing powers and a stock of Corpus vis? If so, can the Order preempt the Church investigation? How will they treat her, and how will it affect the growing ranks of crippled people who've heard the nobleman's story and are planning to seek her out themselves?

(If you want something sillier, what if the nobleman himself is a vis source, harvested by removing his hands and other extremities at regular intervals? He would definitely resist such harvesting, and may ask his friends and liege for help. Kidnapping him is the logical choice, but would probably bring up charges of interference with mundanes.)

A local pasture is famous for its pretty flowers in spring, and many courting couples can be found enjoying the flowers - at least, that's what they say when their parents catch them. The wise women of the village advise their granddaughters not to lay down where the flowers are thickest, as sex there will result in almost certain pregnancy. Naturally, these flowers contain vis. If they are harvested, however, the young ladies of the town will find that there is no risk of conception anywhere in the pasture. This is a huge relief to them, and possibly to their parents who aren't ready to be grandparents yet. However, the relaxed behaviour that it encourages may alarm the Church, may invite demons, or perhaps both.

A spider whose abdomen is shaped like a human skull spins a web made of human bone and whose strands contain vis. The web accumulates a pawn of Corpus vis a season - or, if it's been left undisturbed for more than a year, two pawns per season. What is the mathematically optimal frequency at which to harvest it? If it's left to sit for several years in order to accumulate vis undisturbed, other forces may stumble across it: hedge magi, magical creatures, other Hermetic magi. What if, when the PCs first discover it, someone else already considers it to be theirs and is leaving it to accumulate?

If you want a more troublesome option, the plague and it's recent curing had spawned faeries of rot or repair. You can hunt them down and render them down for vis. Jerbitons tend to dislike faeries anyway. Oh, there's also that creepy healer who lives on that island. What will the players do when they find out he 'heals' by binding disease demons and then banishing them to other countries.?

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I really appreciate it! :slight_smile: