Creo Terram/Aquam Offensive spells not targeting persons

Hi everyone,
I was looking for some clarification on the use of Cre/Te or Cre/Aq(re) to create solid blocks of water or stone around an individual.
As far as I am aware the parma stops the creo material from touching the person at the centre of mass but would this leave a person shaped hole or cancel the spell?

I am wondering if one would be able to create a 6ft by 6ft block of solid stone not by targeting a person but simply creating it in the same space, to have said person suffocate within the block - how would this interact with the Parma?

Such a spell or effect is possible. But the Parma (ArM5 p.85) also protects some air and space around the magus - giving him the time to cast defensive magic (PeTe, MuTe, PeVi, ReCo etc.).

So the solid stone block usually becomes a big piece of evidence for the Quaesitores.


Thanks for the response!
Would magical resistance provided through other means also give the same benefit?

I believe for most cases, magical resistance works the same for other sources of protection. I have heard some arguments that True Faith and Godly protection can have extra bonuses, but I prefer to avoid the God Does All tactic.