CrHe guideline

I was trying to make some spells for an NPC, and I am uncertain about the CrHe guidelines. Could someone help explain please, as I think I have overlooked something very simple.

The NPC with mMF in Trees, has a spell to grow a seed to mature plant in the space of a Diameter.
Does the final Size of the grown plant matter? ie sunflower seed, appleseed, or acorn (oak seed) need different spells? Even withmMF in Trees?

I believe that for making something grow the target size is based on individual for the form when the spell is cast (so a seed would definitely not need extra magnitudes) while the final size is dependent on the guidelines (for example MuTe has guidelines to make something 8x the original volume)

It's a bit grey. Page 113 "The target of a Creo spell that actually creates something is the thing created." Is it considered created, as it's grown? When it's grey I think what sounds right is the way to go. It seems that growing a sunflower would require less magical energy than growing a Sequoia.

I would think you could make 1 spell, however, if you want to end up with a full grown sequoia, the size parameter will need to be a tad bigger than the one for a sunflower.

If one wants to bring the spell level down, one could have a spell that grows the sunflowers, apple trees etc, but only grows the oak up to apple tree size.

The CrHe guideline for maturing a seed in a short amount of time does not seem to need size mods for the end result based on the one example spell I knew where it was, Fast Grow on p39 of MoH. The guideline that does it in a diameter is base 30 which is brutal.

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I don't think it depends of the final size. If you can cast a spell at range Touch and keep the spell working even if the target goes away from the casting range, I assume you can cast a spell for a size and have the spell working even if the target grows up from the casting size.