Criamon Path of the Body question

Looking at path of the Body in HoH:MC pg 61. Specifically The Avenue of Drinking the Winds and the Station of Spiritual Nourishment.

I notice a discrepancy between the short description of the script and the longer write up. From the short text:

In the longer write-up mentioned that to do the script one must be in a magic aura of 7+ but makes no mention that the effects are only in high magic auras. In fact it is just part of the script (special time or place).

There is no mention of any other restriction other than the fact that the Character must meditate for 6 hours a day to retain the benefits.

So how should we read this?

Yes, that's the script, not where the magus must be for the effects afterward.

I'm not sure what the second question is, though maybe that's because I've answered the first. There are other conditions, though, as a result of opposing auras.

In situations like these, I usually take the short description to be an abbreviation, but the long text should be taken as the actual ruling. Page 62 of HoH:MC has a lot of details in the last 2 paragraphs on this station. As it mentions spiritual nourishment failing if in a faerie or infernal aura of 3 or more, or in a divine aura, I take it that being in any magic aura (1+ strength) or faerie/infernal aura of 1 or 2 allows you to spend 6 hours and get the nourishment.

The last paragraph says you need creo vis to avoid aging in Arcadia (I assume this includes strong faerie auras too?) and that you start aging after (enigmatic wisdom+1) days in divine or infernal, so this gives guidance as to when it ends.