CrIm (+InIm) spell

Hello all,

I am very rusty when it comes to spell calculation, so here comes a question for you all.

I want to project an image of a magus to Arcane Connection range and have it interact with the environment. That means that at least 2 senses need to be affected (sight and soiund). the trick is that both senses need to be affected in both directions. So it needs to be a Creo and Intellego spell. The base for 2 sense is B2 in both cases.

So you tell me if this is right or I botched my roll.

Presence of the Absent Mage Cr(In)Im35
R: AC D: Concentration, T: individual
Creates an image of yourself in a place where you have an AC to. The image can interact with the environment as long as you keep concentrating. Only sight and sound are affected, so the image will be obviously not there if someone runs an item or a hand through it.
B2, +4 AC, +1 concentration, +1 Intellego, +2 move under command, +1 intricacy


It looks like you're trying to reinvent the Haunt of the Living Ghost (Cr(In)Im 35, ArM5, p. 144), do you need any help with that?

Sorry, had a bit of a Clippy moment there.

But really, it looks like you've re-invented the Haunt of the Living Ghost - and done so correctly at a glance.

Might be. Where is the spell?

Basically, I want to have a magus in his sanctum in Hibernia having a nice conversation with somebody in Rome, with the guy in Rome being able to see the magus.

ArM5, core, p. 144


Really botched my perception roll here since I was reading the Imaginem section of the core book :sweat_smile: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

it is somewhat more complicated since my odea was to have a moving image that does not require a medium like a fire or a mirror (as writen in the phantom image) but yeah, quoite a failure there :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks!

I think you actually botched twice: Tellus had to tell you the page of Haunt twice. :sweat_smile:

Back to business, there isn't anything in Haunt that actually requires fires or mirrors, and I think that they are just either cosmetic or reminders that some canon spells include quirks and odd little details that back in time were side effects suffered by the original creator of the spell. Image of the Wizard Torn (my favorite raw spell!) doesn't require mirrors or fire, and does something similar at the same theoretical range of AC.

So I think that you are looking for a spell with the exact same parameters of Haunt of the Living Ghost at the same level but without the mirror/fire detail.

Yeah, I was searching for a spell that was under my nose the whole time. Years of not playing Ars and lack of sleep will do that to you. Thanks!