heres an odd one for you fine people to decide about.
cronomancy(time magic)
how would magi use/create it?

It's in the Houses of Hermes book; True Lineages. Check under House Bonisagus for Original Research. This would qualify as a Hermetic Breakthrough as it would break one of the lesser Hermetic Limits. Since the Order's creation, no one has made a Hermetic Breakthrough like that. The Limits specifically state that time cannot be affected, detected or manipulated by Hermetic Magic. In other words it ain't likely to ever happen within the confines of normal play.

Well , [color=darkblue]Chronomancy might be Time related magic.
Cronomancy is presumably magic related to old women.

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Cronomancy - a hedgewizard tradition based on the use of female life force, aging the women it is taken from. Most wizards of the tradition tend to have drained some of their own life force, and have now passed menapause, and can no longer fuel their own magic.