Crystal of Vis/Warping extraction

I had an idea years ago for a crystal that would age someone and give vis. And while I still like that idea the second thought would be the crystal removes warping as a sludge.

The crystal must be held to the volunteer/victim while a chant (just barely visable on the crystal) is intoned.

Any warping points gained in the last year will be pulled out (along with 1 xp/warping point earned from the last year) and forms a sludge.

Any who come in contact with the sludge will gain both the warping and xp.

My next thought was how would this effect an immortal magi( from alchemical path), and could it be turned into a vis souce (I would say no).

You have to be very careful with something like this. In 3e I designed a character who could provide an unlimited amount of vis of any Form because of rules like this.